God of War

gow 1 Anger is a powerful thing, and very few characters in gaming are as brutal and angry as Kratos. The first game in this epic series follows Kratos on his violent quest for revenge against Ares, the God of War.

Incredibly strong with white ashen skin, Kratos was a fierce spartan warrior on his way back to Athens. After a battle at sea, he receives word from Athena, the only god he mildly trusts that the time has come: Ares has gone too far and must be brought down. The gods of Olympus can’t actively aid Kratos but they offer a sample of there powers and Athena tells Kratos of the fabled Pandora’s Box, which contains a power great enough to slay a god. Ares used Kratos, leading to the ultimate tragedy that drove Kratos so if its the last thing Kratos does, he will stop at nothing to kill Ares…

God of War is a hell of a game that started a brutal legacy. Gameplay is simple but awesome hack n slash. Besides Kratos’s signature blades are reliable with a great reach and combo options but on top of that you get storm powers from Poseidon, summons dead souls from Hades, throw lightning bolts from Zeus as well as other gifts. There is some puzzle solving and platforming which is fun but Hades part of Pandora’s temple is notoriously a pain in the ass as well as the pillars out of hell. Kratos is a cold character but once you understand why he’s on this quest and his reason for hating Ares, you do feel sympathy for Kratos and he has some deep moments of sorrow. The character designs are really cool but I must admit some of the graphics and some mechanics didn’t age well over the years. The gameplay can also be monotonous after a while and is only really challenging after the harder difficulties. In the end, the original God of War is a really cool game that deserves some love but it’s not timeless and it’s a product of its time, still well worth playing. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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