God of War 2

gow 2

I admit I didn’t play God of War first but started with the second game first. Among the kids in school, God of War was a favorite and I admit I didn’t get the hype at first. 10 minutes into playing the second game I understood..

Kratos, now the god of war, finds his city under attack by the colossus and his powers mysteriously drained. Zeus grants him the Blade of Olympus, the weapon Zeus used to cease the war against the titans; but to access it’s full power, Kratos needs to drain his godly power into the blade. seeing no other choice. Kratos does, slays the colossus but is laid crippled until Zeus appears, revealing the colossus was his doing and it was his plan to  kill Kratos because of his constant defiance of Olympus. Kratos is sent to hell where the titan Gaia makes contact with him, telling him of the Sisters of Fate, who can help him rewrite history itself, along the way Kratos will find the depths of Zeus’s cruelty and the secrets of the god king…

God of war 2 cranks up the epic level in almost every way but I admit there are some flaws. While I enjoy the sequel’s story more as well  better graphics and more epic set pieces, the final twist at the end kind of bummed me out. The new weapons are sweet but not  as cool as the set in the first game and I felt a little bit too overpowered at times. I still have to say, the game is fun as hell and looks amazing and definitely a great sequel I recommend. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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