God of War III

gow 3

Kratos has literally been through hell (twice) to get to this point but his grand revenge is at end as he storms Olympus with the Titans to kill Zeus and the gods. War is at hand as Kratos brutally slays Poseidon during the initial assault. It here that Kratos learns from Gia that the titans are using him and he falls into the River Styx which drains his power dry. It’s up to Kratos to to restore his power and find Pandora who holds the key to destroying the gods and titans, delivering Kratos his ultimate revenge on his father and king of the gods, Zeus once and for all…

The awesome revenge epic God of War and God of War 2 does come to a truly bloody and satisfying climax for this trilogy finale. The opening set-piece is jaw dropping and in fact, the boss battles steal the show more than anything. Of all the GOW games, I have to say 3 has the coolest array of weapons from Helio’s severed head to the hooks of Hades that can summon souls to the brutal Cetus wielded by legendary hero Hercules. The sound, graphics, and voice acting are top notch. Gameplay doesn’t change much from previous games with little change which is nice but feels a bit stale by the 3rd main game. Also, a gripe I have is the game feels shorter than the others but has arguably the best story of the trilogy. In the hell, it is a truly epic game that I highly recommend. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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