Surviving Mars (PS4)

So during the sale on PSN I picked up Surviving Mars on PS4. I loved it on Xbox. Surviving Mars (Xbox One) So I really wanted to see how it stacked up, and this time I had all the DLC. If you want to know about the actual game please feel free to see my Xbox review. The game is pretty much identical, even the looks are quite comparable.

The DLC is also quite nice, giving you more options on what to build, songs on the radio. The DLC also adds a lot of great things and the tutorial is pretty nice. There is a small issue, in fact, this will be the first time I ever say to buy a game but to avoid a certain console. Do not buy it on the PS4. The game runs great, in fact, I really enjoy it. I did not, however, enjoy having to restart the game every time I wanted to play. See when I try to load a game, it would simply crash the game and I would have to restart it. This is apparently quite a common issue. While there are some workarounds the game has been out long enough this shouldn’t be necessary and while I love Paradox and their games, this one on the PS4 is best avoided. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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