The Sims 4 Console

The Sims 4 finally comes to console. Having never played the PC version I can’t confirm if the claim that its the same on both PC and console is true, but it is the most complete version I have played on console.

Graphically as expected the game is beautiful and unlike other games in the series on console I didn’t experience any real slow downs or frame rate drops on PS4 which I really expected. The sound was also better than I expected so those were nice surprises.

The game play itself is pretty much the same as all the other Sims games. You create a character, get a job, forge relationships and live your life while doing things you normally would. I chose to make Darth Vader and turn him into a pro gamer since I assumed he could use the force to cheat.

All in all any fan of The Sims should pick this up and if you are curious now is a great time to jump in, tho most of you will want to wait for a sale. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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