Justice League: Doom

jla doom

It’s no secret I was pretty disappointed with last year’s Justice League (2017) I took this opportunity on Hulu to get my fix of real JLA.

Mostly based on the story “Tower of Babel.”, we get the story of how Batman’s paranoia and over preparation almost destroyed the JLA. Brilliant immortal Vandal immortal brings the likes of Bane, Star Sapphire, Cheetah, Mirror Master, Metallo, and Ma’alefa’ek because they hate a member of the JLA. Savage forms the Legion of Doom and with files Mirror Master stole from the BatCave, he gives each villain a specifically designed plan to take down there foes, tailored to there specific weaknesses. One by one, Batman, Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter fall. With some help from Cyborg they manage to pull themselves up, barely, but can they beat the Legion and trust Batman?

I loved the hell out of this movie. The voice acting was great, especially Kevin Conroy and Tim Daly as Batman and Superman, but my favorite may have been Nathan Fillion as a great Green Lantern. Every character gets a fair amount of screen time, though I admit Flash and Cyborg lack a little. The bad guy choices were interesting, definitely not the usual picks. The movie movie drags once or twice but nothing major. It’s a really good JLA movie I suggest checking out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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