Sonic Spinball Sega Genesis Classic


Sonic Spinball has always been an oddball Sonic game. It fit by the way, he rolls into a ball, travels really fast and jumps really high. But does it really work? In short, yea. The graphics were never great, but like pretty much every game in the collection you have the option  to make it look better than ever or the original. The sound also has a very old-fashioned pinball machine feel to it.

The only real issue with this game is that is very niche. It is pinball in 2018, most people have no interest. The game is pretty fun tho, if not a bit old-fashioned. It is very much worth a shot, but don’t expect the usual Sonic game. You will still be collecting Chaos Emeralds however as well as rings. The basics of Sonic are still there for fans of the series as are the characters as well. Best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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