Our Favorite Movies Day 13: Hellraiser


Hellraiser Movie review is our day 13 movie, and why? Well its got pinhead. This movie revolves around solving a puzzle. The movie itself is quite cliché but Clive Barker made it quite brutal and is an amazing 80’s movie. This classic is worthy of this spot on the list, tho sadly the later films in the series are less than good. If you are a horror fan tho there are very few must see films, but this is on the list. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

I found a box trilogy on Amazon for those that love the series and want to support us. Feel free to check that out.

Hellraiser on Amazon


Conan Exiles: Savage Frontier & Pet Taming Trailer — All The PlayStation You’ll Ever Need.

Conan Exiles is about to get one of those updates that will change the game in many ways. Funcom has brought us some really fun times with building, adventure and combat in the game and now we are about to get pet taming. I have been looking forward to this update since it was announced. […]

via Conan Exiles: Savage Frontier & Pet Taming Trailer — All The PlayStation You’ll Ever Need.

Some News For The Blog

I always strive to be 100% honest with you guys,whether it be saying hey I wouldn’t buy this game or watch this movie or even hey the company gave me this gave to review. Its not that I think you guys believe me or trust my opinion more because of it it is simply because its how I think stuff should run. I have been wrong before and you guys have called me out on it which is great.

In the spirit of that, I had an idea the other night that I thought could help me and @torstenvblog keep the lights on here at Savior Gaming ( metaphorically, honestly we will probably buy movies, games, booze and pizza) I also wanted to do this with someone that @torstenvblog and myself have used and trusted which lead me to the Amazon affiliate program. From now on you may notice after some of our reviews you will see links to certain products on Amazon. These will simply be things we have reviewed that we feel are worth buying. These links are known as affiliate links and if you decide to buy the product through that link we will get a small commission. These links won’t be everywhere and we aren’t going to post a ton of them , honestly we simply want to make it easier for you to buy the things we review if you are interested and to help us out a bit at the same time. As always thanks for reading, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Our Favorite Movies Day 12:Child’s Play

Day 12 brings us a class, Child’s Play. By now most of you know this story. Killer dies, uses Voodoo to toss his soul into a Chucky doll., kills people. The formula has worked for decades now. This is also the only horror movie I can honestly say I shared with my father and all of my kids.

It is also worth noting there My Buddy dolls when i was a kid and mine looked just like this creepy bastard. I once tied a knife to it and threw it at my brother. Yes it was a real knife, yes I got in a lot of trouble and yes he punched me. This movie however having released in 1988 has about 30 years of history with 7 movies in all, and no signs of stopping. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


For those that are interested in the movies and helping us out, here is a Child’s Play collection on Amazon. Child’s Play on Amazon

Battlefield: Bad Company

battlefied bad comp

Many younger readers won’t understand this but a long time ago, FPS games weren’t that special. Of course there were games like GoldenEye, Doom, and the severely underrated Red Faction that pushed the envelope. Red Faction, you could blast through walls and back then it blew my mind. You can imagine my surprise hiding from a tank inside a house and having the tank blow the house up with me in it. Progress, eh?

Unlike many other military FPS games, you aren’t saving the world from terrorists or stopping WW3. You are a new recruit to a charismatic group of misfits referred to as Bad Company, who uncover leads to a stolen wealth and they’ll have to fight there way to it before the government snatches it up.

In a world of overblown shooters that try to hard to be cool or effects heavy, Bad Company was a great exception. Your team sells the game with some pretty funny dialogue and over time you do grow to care about these guys. I love that you can jump into almost every house you see, and jump into every vehicle you see so there’s a good amount of variety. The game loses some of it’s luster as you go but the characters and craziness of the stages keeps it fun. Your health doesn’t naturally regenerate but instead you get an injection that  bumps your health back up, the wait time inbetween can be surprisingly tense. Bad Company was a game I felt should have gotten more love than it did but otherwise it’s a real good FPS I suggest checking out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Pokemon Sun and Moon (The Series)

As a long time Pokemon fan I decided to check out Pokemon Sun and Moon. I have to admit at first the new art style kinda bummed me out. Ash looked weird and so did team rocket. The story is also a bit weird with Mr. Mime clearly cheating to win Ash and his mom tickets to the Alola region. Speaking of which I have some serious questions about the relationship between Ash’s mom and Mr. Mime.

All that aside the basic story isn’t bad. Ash attends a school for kids because we all know ash has been 12 for 20 years now. The issue is after 43 episodes he spent most of his time at the school. On occasion they would leave to check out a different island and he does get through a couple of the challenges. But the entire series is mostly just watching him go to school. The true greatness comes in episode 42 and 43 is when they return to the Kanto reason for those episodes.

This also brings the return of Misty and Brock to meet the new crew and hang out with Ash, where you will also see Ash and Misty battle with Misty having a Mega Evolution now. The series isn’t bad, it is just quite a bit different. Tho to me it did feel like the worst in the series. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Glass trailer 2

I’ve become a huge fan of this series over the past year after loving Split and Unbreakable and I’m glad this trailer shows a lot more of Mr Glass. I like the idea presented of the Beast being an anti-hero sort of character; I think the showdown between Dunn and Beast will be epic as hell. This movie is shaping up to be a awesome trilogy ender and I’m still super pumped for it. May the gaming gods bring you glory.