Mortal Kombat 11 Launch Trailer Features Original Music

When MK11 was first shown there was a small clash between older and newer fans, and it was rather a dumb one. This is coming from a guy that played the original as a child when it released and remembered when MK11 almost killed gaming and was basically responsible for the creation of the ESRB when parents freaked over the blood that looked like spray paint. That clash was over the music and it not being the original music, which is now in the official launch trailer.

Seeing as how the story is about the past and present meet the music thing makes sense, and it really makes sense they didn’t suddenly just go back to the original music with the first trailer. While I am happy to see it back, maybe this will finally make some of them stop complaining about it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Why We Need to Stop Gatekeeping In Gaming.

We have all seen it, maybe some of us even participated in it. Not in the joking “git gud” to your friends sort of way when they died 27 times 12 minutes into Dark Souls either. You know the type I am talking about, the type that snaps over the idea of Elite Dangerous getting some features that make the game more approachable for newcomers or that will openly bash and complain over people using docking computers. Don’t get this confused with people that have the legitimate argument that all games aren’t made for everyone and you should improve your skills, not dummy down the games.

For example, I suck at puzzle games and first-person shooters aren’t exactly my strong suit. The answer for me was to not play puzzle games much and to practice at shooters I enjoy playing. Dark Souls type games simply require more practice than most games but demanding an easy mode would change the entire concept of the game. This isn’t the same as complaining over things that don’t do this.

Flight assists in most flight games don’t change the fundamentals of the game and for me, this is the key difference between attempting to be a gatekeeper in gaming or not wanting the fundamentals of a game changed. Is what you are asking for going to change the fundamentals of the game as a whole and does it even have anything to do with you? This is really the key point in all this if it isn’t something you are forced to use and doesn’t do anything to the gameplay for you personally, why bash others or complain? Sure I don’t think Dark Souls type games need an easy mode, I just won’t use it. Worse, bashing others that may want it (and not in a friendly banter way) doesn’t do anything besides make all gamers look bad. We already have enough problems with the media claiming games are making people violent school shooters.

So let’s focus on improving how we personally play or helping our friends get better and stop making the industry and fans, in general, look like jackasses by trying to make sure only people we feel are worthy play our games. Don’t get me wrong, by all means, joke around and bust balls, but we don’t need gatekeepers. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Endgame Spoilers Are Out, But Not Here

As is inevitable with any major release, someone managed to record the movie or at least parts on their cellphone at a rescreening and now spoilers are out. Don’t worry, I won’t be sharing them nor will I be advocating going to find them. Mostly I just wanted to warn you all that they are in fact out there and nobody should share them. If you need to go look for them, be kind and keep them to yourself. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Confirmed PS5 Info from Mark Cerny

It isn’t often I post about the next consoles to come, as I have stated in the past I don’t care for new console rumors. However spoke to Mark Cerny, a name many of you probably don’t know and rightfully so. He was the lead architect of the PS4 and is the lead architect on the new system that will likely be called the PS5. You can read the Wired article but I am going to touch on some of the key points.

First, Mark was very clear on this, The PlayStation 5 will not be released in 2019. There is also, to quote Mark “Something a little more specialized” built into the S5 in terms of its hard drive and a Solid State Drive you would find for example in your laptop or as an external for your current system. This allows a 15 second load time in Spiderman to take less than 1 second, which again is the example he used in person on a dev kit.

Another notable take away is the PS5 is confirmed backward compatible with PS4 games and will have a disk drive, and multiple companies are currently working on next-gen titles. He also hinted that some of the big titles currently being worked on for this generation are also going to be multiplatform titles.

The biggest news tho is that this will truly be a next-gen console and not just a small step upgrade. For example, it will boast a substantial boost in terms of CPU and GPU that I won’t bore you with, and it will also support 8k, not just 4k. That all seems pretty impressive, but how it all comes together is the important part. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

A Babysitter’s Guide To Monster Hunting Coming to Netflix

A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting is a book by Joe Ballarini. The story is about a girl from middle school name Kelly Ferguson and her plans switching from a Halloween party to sadly babysitting. The kid she is babysitting will get kidnapped by the Boogyman and his minions and that will send Kelly off to save him.

Netflix, with Rachael Talalay as the director, will be adapting this book to a movie. She has always directed episodes of The Flash, SuperGirl, multiple episodes of Doctor Who and Adventures of Sabrina. This may be a pretty good movie for the family as the book is classified as juvenile fiction, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Movie Moment Tribute; Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine – Hell or High Water (2016) — MOVIEWARDEN

There aren’t many actors out there whether in Hollywood or in any other movie industry who can boast of an incredible 70-plus movie resume throughout their entire career and still consider themselves part and parcel of the business. Additionally, there aren’t many sub-40 actors out there whether in Hollywood or in any other movie industry […]

via Movie Moment Tribute; Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine – Hell or High Water (2016) — MOVIEWARDEN

Anno 1800 Open Beta Review

It has truly been a long time since I played an Anno game. I am talking early 2000’s long time. I didn’t really know what to expect coming into this, but it was free and I will always check out a free game or beta when I have the time.

The beta starts off with you needing some money to get home to your sister so you use dynamite to blow up some fish. This will teach you how to use items and move the ship around, and it made me chuckle so that was fun. After this, it is a quick sail home to shock your friend and servant whose life you saved at some point with the fact that you are rich which will admittedly annoy him since you were just blowing up fish for cash and sleeping in barns while you and your family own an island and hundreds if not thousands of buildings.

Turns out dear old dad died in prison after being accused of treason and your sister needs your help to not only clear his name, but build a new empire and deal with your jackass uncle. I won’t go further into the story they shared because it does go along with the game they will be releasing but you will be attempting to unravel a pretty in-depth conspiracy it seems, and it did have me quite interested and I was a little disappointed to see it end.

As for the gameplay and graphics, both were smooth and offered me no problems even on my laptop even on medium settings. Building your town feels fluid and offered no problems and I never really felt like I didn’t know what was going on. Each building is explained pretty well and I didn’t really have to ask how they worked which I appreciated. The full release is looking like it will be worth buying. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.