Run trailer 1

I’m glad to see Sarah Paulson getting more high profile roles as of late and Run looks pretty engaging. While it doesn’t look like the most original premise, I do like the tension I can see coming from it. I would definitely like to see it and I hope it turns out well. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Backbone (Preview)

Raw Fury has announced a new publishing partnership to launch indie developer EggNut’s highly anticipated noir adventure game Backbone on consoles and PC platforms in early 2021. Howard Lotor is a private detective working a routine missing person case in a dystopian, alternate history Vancouver. But what Howard stumbles upon thrusts him into a disturbing hunt for the truth.

Howard is a raccoon in a trench coat.

A blending of cinematic adventure and immersive branching dialogue inspired by classic CRPGs, Backbone explores mature themes in a city of anthropomorphic animals where species dictates social class. Sniff out clues and evidence, interrogate a diverse cast of characters, solve stealth puzzles, and choose which leads to follow. Backbone delivers a unique universe based on the real Vancouver, brought to life with a stunning modern pixel art aesthetic and original dark jazz soundtrack.

God of War III

gow 3

Kratos has literally been through hell (twice) to get to this point but his grand revenge is at end as he storms Olympus with the Titans to kill Zeus and the gods. War is at hand as Kratos brutally slays Poseidon during the initial assault. It here that Kratos learns from Gia that the titans are using him and he falls into the River Styx which drains his power dry. It’s up to Kratos to to restore his power and find Pandora who holds the key to destroying the gods and titans, delivering Kratos his ultimate revenge on his father and king of the gods, Zeus once and for all…

The awesome revenge epic God of War and God of War 2 does come to a truly bloody and satisfying climax for this trilogy finale. The opening set-piece is jaw dropping and in fact, the boss battles steal the show more than anything. Of all the GOW games, I have to say 3 has the coolest array of weapons from Helio’s severed head to the hooks of Hades that can summon souls to the brutal Cetus wielded by legendary hero Hercules. The sound, graphics, and voice acting are top notch. Gameplay doesn’t change much from previous games with little change which is nice but feels a bit stale by the 3rd main game. Also, a gripe I have is the game feels shorter than the others but has arguably the best story of the trilogy. In the hell, it is a truly epic game that I highly recommend. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Neko Ghost Jump Preview

Solo developer Burgos Games has unveiled the first full-length Neko Ghost, Jump! gameplay trailer, showcasing the unique perspective switching mechanic that distinguishes this feline-based puzzle-platformer from the litter. Slated to arrive later this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (Windows/Linux), PAX East and DreamHack Anaheim attendees will be able to play an extensive demo sampling several stages from the beta build.

Neko Ghost, Jump! is a pawsome puzzle-platformer that tasks you with switching between 2D and 3D planes as they guide Nekoman on an epic quest to rescue his kidnapped friends and family from the dastardly Space Pirate Dog Boss and his minions. This odyssey will take Nekoman across several biomes ranging from grassy plains, to snowy tundras, to sweltering deserts and beyond. Along the way you’ll have to not only switch between 2D and 3D planes, but also to your spirit form to take out any baddies along the way as you pounce across a series of entertaining yet challenging cathletic obstacles!

Neko Ghost, Jump! will run the gamut from an accessible family-friendly affair to a furmidable challenge for more masochistic players. Each stage will rank you on speed, while collecting coins will claw some time off your counter. Blast through each level to ascend the leaderboards and prove your worth as the fastest feline on the prowl! Shedding seconds off the clock isn’t all coins are good for, as you can also use them to customize your Nekoman’s appearance. Give him sweet specs, a dapper hat, or some shiny bling. It’s up to you hepcats!

“I wanted to make something with a unique enough hook that would appeal to many people,” said Burgos Games founder Victor Burgos. “Plus cats are cute. Can’t go wrong with that, right?”

The Flash: Move Forward (new 52 vol.1)

flash running

I know a long time ago, during the beginning days of the blog I did a post about 5 great stories from DC new 52 and mentioned the third volume of this series. Despite only seeing Flash, season 1 I always wanted to dive deeper into the Scarlet Speedster and I wanted a decent place to start.

Barry Allan better known as the fastest man alive, The Flash, can’t even have a normal date night it seems when a symposium him and his girl are visiting are attacked by a group of mercenaries out to steal the tech on display. Flash manages to stop one of the masked soldiers, discovering one of his best friends from college dead and a new mystery afoot as Barry discovers his friend is in fact alive and has new regenerative capabilities and has accidentally spawned a clone gang calling itself Mob Rule as it blacks out Central City, unleashing a vengeful, newly empowered Captain Cold to escape prison and hunt for Flash who discovers the true depth of his power and the dangers of the Speed Force when using too much power can destroy time itself…

I must admit you definitely get your money’s worth with this book unlike some graphic novels that are mostly fluff. Mob Rule is a interesting villain to follow but Captain Cold vs Flash was a badass fight and Cold with ice powers is epic as hell. I feel Flash’s plight and you are invested in his story but with everything going on as well as the speed of Barry’s thoughts do make it hard to follow in the middle. In the end, while a good Flash story, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it as a intro to the character but still well worth a read. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


Hardspace: Shipbreaker

Focus Home Interactive and Blackbird Interactive, the studio behind Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak and the upcoming Homeworld 3, have revealed Hardspace: Shipbreaker, a new sandbox space sim coming to Steam Early Access this summer. As a salvager armed with cutting-edge tech, you’ll carve up massive spaceships piece by piece in zero G for cold hard loot. Get your first look at the game’s creative demolition and true-to-life physics:

Early access will launch with a variety of exciting features to discover, including the first act of the story campaign, two classes of spaceship to salvage, and multiple upgradeable tools and perks. Throughout early access, the team plans on releasing new spaceship classes, missions, challenges, leaderboards, modding support and much more based on feedback from the community.

The FBI Adventures of Will Chair

will chair

I’m going to start by saying congrats to local Scranton author Billy Kraser, our mutual friend here at the blog on his mainstream debut. I’ve covered some of his smaller works before but for his main debut he wanted to do something meaningful. Billy, born with Spina Bifida and wanted to make a children’s book to show kids with disorders such as his or others that they aren’t alone and can achieve greatness. The story follows Will Chair as he becomes a FBI agent tasked with cyber crimes and dealing with bullying cases.

Honestly, I feel pretty privileged to see the rough drafts of the book because the story in it’s final form has a damn good message. Meant for children, the book is terse and easy to read but the messages are real and the scenarios are relate able and relevant in today’s world. I’m excited what’s next for Will Chair and the the author of his story and I recommend checking his work out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.