Iron Danger Gets March 25th Release Date

Daedalic Entertainment and Action Squad Studios have released a new gameplay features trailer for Iron Danger, the time-manipulating tactical RPG coming to Steam on Wednesday, March 25! This latest video shines a light on the game’s unique story while offering an inside look at its innovative time-rewind mechanics:


Iron Danger adds a new twist to classic tactical RPG action with the ability to turn back time up to five seconds to change the future! Players can dodge or block attacks that were sure to hit them, strategically adjust their position on the battlefield, then choose their next actions to capitalize on the situation. Iron Danger gives traditional tactical combat a puzzle-like element, letting you continuously test new approaches and synchronize your characters’ actions for the perfect outcome.

  • Master unique time-rewind mechanics and experience a new take on tactical combat, fusing the best aspects of real-time and turn-based systems.
  • Adventure into a world of steampunk fantasy inspired by Finnish folklore.
  • Highly interactive environments let you seize the advantage over your enemies.
  • Fight epic boss monsters on the path to fulfill your destiny.
  • No grinding! Character progression is balanced throughout over 15 hours of gameplay!


Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo Thoughts

Now Clearly I played the same demo as everyone else, so these are just my thoughts on it. First, it’s beautiful as hell. The zombies look gruesome the fire and lighting are great. This isn’t anything we didn’t expect. Raccoon City has never looked better.

My only real complaint as I wandered through these streets climbing up ladders, and I hope they straighten out is god damn it why are 3 headshots not killing zombies? They aren’t even special zombies, they were just run of the mill walking dead. Did they start me out with a pellet gun with a sound machine attached to it to make it sound like a real gun?

Truthfully that is my only complaint, all this demo did was make me look forward to this like I did Resident Evil 2. I feel like last years release of two this will also be in the running for Game of The Year, and I truly hope this becomes a yearly thing with part 1 getting the love and remake it deserves next year. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Descent: Part 2

descent 2

Most of the time I see a movie, especially a rare kind of horror movie that’s actually scary, and I get wary. Horror and comedy lend themselves to crappy straight to video sequels and well…(sigh).

So days after Sarah crawled her way out of the caves, bloody and beaten, the cops find her. The trauma of the caves has left her nearly catatonic and suffering from amnesia. The sheriff doesn’t buy it and organizes a search party to find the girls from the first movie, ordering Sarah to come with them. Along the journey, evidence arises towards the grisly end of Sarah’s friends and soon the the Crawlers attack but as the group divides, another survivor emerges…

I try to be as honest when doing these reviews so I have to say Descent 2 outright pissed me off. I wasn’t surprised that the cave is well lighted the whole time and the amount of flashbacks and the reliance on Easter eggs from the first. What pissed me off was that other survivor (I don’t want to spoil it) because after that, the movie starts to crap on what I liked about the first. The plot itself is borderline idiotic and I wasn’t invested in any of the characters; I even laughed my ass off at a poorly done heroic death. The score is decent and there are some decent gore effects but nothing worth mentioning. In the end, I say skip this pointless sequel because it will tarnish the first for you. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Swallow trailer

When I saw this trailer, I was a immediately hooked by the premise and the visuals behind it. I love stories about the ugliness of a perfect world type of thing. There are some pretty disturbing places this concept could go and I’m interested to see where. I definitely want to check this out at some point. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Adam’s Venture Origins Coming To Switch

SOEDESCO® announced a Nintendo Switch™ version for adventure game Adam’s Venture: Origins®. The game, which released earlier on Playstation®4, Xbox One and Steam®, is coming as a digital and a physical edition to Nintendo Switch.

In Adam’s Venture: Origins, players get involved in an engaging adventure that stretches across the globe. While solving intricate puzzles and discovering clues, they become part of a story filled with mysteries. As they unravel the secret of Eden, players explore their way through Europe and the Middle-East and reach new areas while climbing and swinging through adventurous environments. During their journey, players have to prevent the dark plans of the evil Clairvaux Corporation. Adam’s Venture: Origins offers a family friendly venturesome story with puzzles and challenges to solve.


Start your adventure in Adam’s Venture: Origins. Set in the roaring 20’s, you play as explorer Adam Venture and go on a journey to unravel the secret of Eden. Together with your companion Evelyn, you explore ancient ruins and solve ingenious puzzles to find mysterious locales. As you travel to unique locations, you’re opposed by the evil Clairvaux company, who’s intentions for exploring artifacts could unleash chaos around the world.


  • Delve into ancient ruins and recover mysterious artifacts
  • Try to solve clever and creative puzzles on your journey
  • Traverse long forgotten tombs and crumbling cities using the grappling hook
  • Get involved in a rich storyline that weaves adventure with historical overtones

The Descent

the descent

I see a ton of trailers just to report about them here and I’ve seen a billion in my lifetime. The Descent was a rare case. In a era of gore-porn in horror I thought suspense was pretty much gone and while I loved the trailer, I assumed this was going to be another mindless bloodbath. I was insanely wrong…

Sarah and her gal pals are adventurous thrill seekers who love pushing there limits. After tragedy strikes, Sarah is left broken inside after losing everything. A year later, her friend Juno reunites the women for a all girls weekend and a new adventure: exploring what they are led to believe is a routine cavern dive. At first all is well and they are treated to wondrous sights and thrills they’d been hoping for. It quickly becomes a nightmare when a tight tunnel caves in and the truth comes out, they were never in a explored area. As the ladies struggle to find a way in, fear settles in and the group begins turning on each other, but little do they know they are far from alone down there…

In no way is this a perfect movie but damn I love it. The movie is excellent at mounting tension and carries suspense all the way through. I have to credit the filmmakers because the use of darkness and various lighting is extremely well done and at times adds to the freaky atmosphere with a good score. The actresses have really good chemistry and it’s easy to care about them and believe they were longtime friends. I love that the plot has layers to it, not sticking to a creature feature or a survival moment and there is a nice ribbon of revenge in it.  The Crawlers are creepy and I appreciate a B movie concept pushed to a scary level of these inhuman freaks. As I said though, this movie is far from perfect however. There are some stupid jump scares thrown in with some genuinely good scares and I found most  of the jump scares annoying. With a lot of the fast editing and dark backgrounds, some action scenes are frankly a cluster fuck to watch. The opening 10 minutes feel awkward and admittedly, I know this movie has 3 ending and I’ve seen 2 and thought both were pretty lame.  Despite a weak start and weak finish, The Descent is a damn good horror movie that still keeps me on edge that I highly recommend. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Blood of Steel Online Introduction

Blood of Steel is the free-to-play PvP MOBA coming to Steam this Spring. Two years since it’s successful launch in China with over 100k DAU players on the Chinese server and over 20 million downloads, Evolution Studio, development studio of YC Games, is now bringing the game to western markets. As the team prepares for the launch of the full game, every two weeks we will be releasing more information on the game. Today, we are pleased to introduce two of the playable characters: Harald Sigurdsson and King Arthur.

unnamed (2)

Harald III Sigurdsson, also known as Harald the Ruthless, was King of Norway from 1046 to 1066. In 1030, at the age of 15, he joined his half-brother and Norwegian King Olaf’s war against the Danes. When Olaf died in battle, Harald fled in exile to Kievan Rus (Russia). After spending some time in the army of the grand prince of Kiev, Yaroslav the Wise, he moved on to Constantinople and soon rose to the rank of commander of the elite Byzantine Varangian Guard in 1034. After amassing a great wealth during this time he returned to Kievan Rus’ in 1042, in preparation for his campaign to reclaim the Norwegian throne. In 1046, Harald became King of Norway and began invasions of Denmark and England. He died while fighting at the battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066, a moment widely considered to be the end of the Viking Age.

In Blood of Steel, Harald is a military commander and the first general in the game to have a heavy attack. In the beginning of the sixth era, Harald the “Relentless” rules 160 islands with brute force claiming to be the ruler of the western seas and is hailed as “the last Viking King”. His Viking fleet is infamous for assaulting small harbors to warships without distinction. Caesar the Great supported Harald with this fleet in a bid to rule the western seas, a decision which will cost him dearly.

Harald fights with his axe and shield and has the special abilities: ‘Bloodthirsty Instinct’, ‘Rage Warfare’ and ‘Wind of Recovery’. ‘Bloodthirsty Instinct’ is where Harald’s violent state reduces the physical cost of heavy attack and the killing of an enemy restores health to all soldiers. With ‘Rage Warfare’, Harald orders all soldiers into a state rage, substantially increasing their attack, attack speed and movement speed at the cost of continuous bleeding damage. And  when using ‘Wind of Recovery’ Harald can continue to recover health outside of battle. His troops can use their axes like projectiles, throwing them at enemies close enough to be in range.

unnamed (3)

King Arthur was a legendary British leader who, according to medieval histories and romances, led the defense of Britain against Saxon invaders in the late 5th and early 6th centuries. The details of Arthur’s story are mainly composed of folklore and literary invention. The most famous folklore tells of Arthur being a great warrior defending Britain from human and supernatural enemies and as the leader of the Knights of the Round Table. His existence is controversial and not proven.

In Blood of Steel, Arthur Pendragon, known as King Arthur, is the legendary king of ancient Britain. Known throughout Celtic mythology and medieval literature, legend has it that he is leader of the Knights of the Round Table, wields Excalibur, the sword of the rightful king of Britain.

Arthur fights with a king’s sword and shield and has the special abilities: ‘Knight’s Will’, ‘Master Riding’ and ‘Spare Horse’. When using ‘Knight’s Will’, Arthur’s whole army dismounts to combat the enemy on foot with greater increase in their attack and defence for 45 seconds. The ‘Master Riding’ technique causes shock damage to nearby enemies when activated. When in an area where calavary can move, Arthur can use ‘Spare Horse’, summoning 6 war horses to the battle. In addition his mounted Knights of the Round Table are formidable horse riders and are deadly while charging.


In Blood of Steel, you command the army of a legendary commander from world history to conquer cities and expand your territory against other players online to ultimately rule the world. Set throughout the Middle Ages, players choose from multiple authentic battlefields as they engage in 5-v-5, 7-v-7 or 10-v-10 legion-based battles, with each individual player allowed to lead up to 40 AI soldiers. Clever use of terrain, management of different troop types and adapting to dynamic weather systems incorporating variables such as rain and snow are the keys to victory. As well as the  legion-based warfare, players can play a one-on-one duel in PvP battles in the Heroes Arena, offering them a chance to truly show their mastery of the complex fighting system.