Cabin in the Woods

cabin in the woods

If you caught our Halloween special this past year, you would’ve caught my entry Our favorites, Day 23: Cabin in the Woods . Hell, I’ll go as far as to call this one of my favorite horror movies and it’s certainly something you sure as hell don’t see everyday. Essentially we begin with a tale as old as time: a group of college friends head out to a cabin in the woods for a weekend, only to discover a basement of random relics and it just so happens they waken the undead family that previously owned it. Sounds cliche as hell, right? I’m not going to spoil anything because there is a serious joy to watching this movie’s clever plot unfold and I highly recommend going in blind if you possibly can. While clever and full of some pretty sweet kills and a collection of awesome horrors, the movie is equally funny and quotable. The actors are great and the friends have good chemistry. Honestly, there’s a lot I can say and while I know the movie is getting up there in years, it’s best to just dive in and see what you find. May the gaming gods bring you glory…and please don’t press the big red button.

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