Gaming,Blogging and Covid-19

We have a lot of weird things going in the world thesw days. Covid-19, people dying, games being pushed back because of it (looking at you Last of Us 2) and other games being pre-downloaded early. For those with a digital download for the Final Fantasy 7 remake, they let the download start about a week early to make sure every one with the slowed internet still had time to download it.

That all being said blogging has been a bit weird. It seems without most people working we should have more time than ever yet somehow we find ourselves struggling to balance family and hobbies and such. Another struggle is balancing leaving the house for necessities and staying home for safety.

These were just some of my random thoughts and if you have stuck around this long, please tell me how you guys are doing during all this. Are you learning anything new such as cooking or a languge? For example I am attempting to learn Spanish. So best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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6 thoughts on “Gaming,Blogging and Covid-19”

  1. I’m trying to work on my writing but just like you said it’s hard to be productive, I don’t know why. All I’m doing is watching shows, gaming and reading instead of studying for my exams xD

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      1. Haha I’ve never actually played Final Fantasy. Not even a single game (don’t kill me lol) but I’m looking forward to the RE3 Remake even tho it seems super short.


  2. I’m trying to do uni work, work on my blog and get into new games I wouldn’t normally get into them so that my blog has more variety. I think I’m going to try to learn Japanese when I’m done with uni work though. I hope the learning Spanish thing is going along good, and I hope you’re staying safe!

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