You ever miss the time when shooters weren’t about online multiplayer and didn’t give a rat’s ass about realistic physics or stories that try way too hard to be deep or relevant? Hell you remember when games used to be fun? Well, doom is for you. A epic, jacked up, silent protagonist who isn’t whiny or troubled, he just hates demons and has some severe anger management issues. You play as “Doomguy”, a dude who wakes from cryo sleep on Mars after a portal to hell is opened and demons are running free. This game is epic, disgustingly bloody, and fast paced old fashioned fun. The campaign is the highlight of the experience for a refreshing change in modern gaming while the multiplayer takes a backseat. The controls are simple. I really enjoyed the game’s weapon upgrading system, not only can you choose a secondary fire for your favorite guns but can even level up multiple secondary fires for each if you find the upgrading stations to do so, creating some wickedly pimped out death machines ( how sexy is it to have a shotgun that can unload a full catche of ammo at once or become a grenade launcher?) The soundtrack is retro 90’s metal based for a blast to the past. If you really want to have a negative, it’s in the multiplayer which feels like a Black Ops 3 knockoff with more platforming and random demonic power ups scattered through. I’ve encountered some glitches in it and a few too many shitty spawn points. If you want an amazing single player challenge or just craving a old school FPS experience than I highly recommend the game I lovingly would call best of 2016 in my book, and may the gaming gods be with you.

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