Elite Dangerous, My Time Exploring


My time exploring honest took far longer than I would have liked. Not that I have anything against exploring, just only expected it not to take as long. What I thought would be a few days traveling to the center of the galaxy and back took almost a month. Scanning and jumping gets old quick but the sights are great. Found a system with five stars in it for example.

I can’t lie, there were times I simply didn’t give a damn about scanning. over 50 thousand light years is an insanely long trip to make and at times I felt almost like the rest of the game would never exist for me again. With all that said I got home with what felt like very little money, tho it was 70 million credits. That sounds like a lot but admittedly it won’t even buy you a mid range ship and I imagine you could make far more doing almost anything else in the same time it takes to travel that distance and scan hundreds of systems.

Suffice it to say it will be awhile before making another such journey but everyone should travel at least a few thousand light years from the bubble just for the experience. As always thanks for your time, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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