Wolfenstein: The new Order


Over the past few years Bethesda has become my favorite gaming company with juggernauts like Fallout and Elder Scrolls to more modern hits like Dishonored and Evil Within. Last Year my favorite title was the Doom remake, so when I found Wolfenstein: The New Order for $20 at a PSN sale, I jumped at it enthusiastically. In many ways I wasn’t disappointed. Wolfenstein takes place in a alternate history where Nazi Germany won WW2 and took over ┬áthe world and we play as J. D. Blazkowicz as he works with a underground rebellion to overthrow them. First I have to say I loved how the game’s upgrading system and trophies were linked to fun and pretty easy mini challenges that gave you perks once unlocked, I actually had every stealth perk which is highly usually considering I’m almost the run-and-gun type. Like Dishonored and Evil Within, there are multiple ways to approach a situation with it’s own set of pros and cons. Another huge pro I give the game is the intensity of it. Much of the story is surprisingly suspenseful and many times I felt I was our protagonist. A small issue I have is how much the game increasingly relies on a laser cutter that doubles as a laser rifle, I upgraded it all the way and the damn thing keeps dying out and charging stations are either few and far between or the charge time can kill you. I warn you now, you will die a lot and will be replaying a lot of the game again and again to pass a tricky ass part. Other ┬ásmall grips are sometimes you get lost; boss battles can be a pain in the ass, and the enemies can be frustrating but in the end it’s a pretty awesome game that will keep you occupied and interested if you want a FPS that ain’t your humdrum C.O.D or Battlefield. Overall, give new order a try because I bet New Colossus will be a hell of a ride.

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