Star Trek Nemesis


Before Tom Hardy was Bane or Venom, he was Shinzon, a Remon that managed to take over the Romulan Empire. The last of the Star Trek movies before the reboot is thought by many to be the worst. Tho I think most of them forget that the motion picture exist. As far as acting goes this is one of the best, as are the visuals.

The story itself is a bit weird. It is quickly revealed that Shinzon is in fact a clone of Picard made by the Romulans and isn’t a Remon at all.

What follows is the usual Star Trek shtick where the evil romulans and Shinzon attempt to destroy the earth and Picard and crew must stop them. Now the movie itself isn’t bad its simply all been done before. By all means watch it to finish out the movies, but don’t start here. Or maybe do, maybe if you start with Nemesis you will think its a better movie. As always thanks for your time, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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