H.R. Giger : master of nightmares


Since I was a little kid, age 2 if not mistaken, I’ve been haunted by a special monster. A monster both beautiful and terrifying in it’s design and symbolism, “A perfect organism.” Hans Reudi (Rudolf) Giger was a famous Swiss painter born February 5th, 1940 and passed away March 2014; on a personal note I wept when I woke up to the text he passed away. His designs are a thing of legend, the most famous and well known being those for the horror classic Alien. His art mainly revolves around the sexual and bio-mechanical often fused as is the Xenomorph design. Influences of his work can be seen in classic video games like Contra and Metroid

giger3  giger5

he created a radical design for Batman: Forever’s Batmobile that was toned down for the film but still  feels like his work.

He designed the creature for the 1995 film Species as well as was commissioned by Korn frontman Jonathan Davis to create a custom microphone that is very Alien-esque. Before starting my Alien reviews I just wanted to give a huge shout out to a artist many of us know but never really gave credit to and changed the way I saw art, monsters, and the human body. You are missed, Giger.

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