Borderlands 3: Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC trailer

Borderlands 3 was such a mixed bag for me, so I was really curious what the DLC would look like. Essentially it looks like Ocean’s 11 with a Borderlands skin. I’m a bit disappointed but hopefully there is a decent story and awesome loot here. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Plan 8 trailer

Looking at the opening of this trailer, I immediately thought of a Terminator rip off but I have to admit, it looks really badass. The combat looks interesting and I dig the homespun futuristic tech; the jet-pack gave me a Vulture vibe from Spider-man: Homecoming which was pretty awesome. I can see me giving this game a try at sale. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Half- Life: Alyx teaser

I always wanted to jump on the Half-Life bandwagon but I never got a chance to. Alyx appears to be a VR game which seems odd. Not really having any connection to the series, everything about this trailer seems kinda meh to me. The VR aspect doesn’t look that great. For the fans, I hope it looks great but as a casual it looks meh. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Antebellum trailer

I do love when random horror trailers pop up in my YouTube feed. Antebellum looks pretty interesting for a lot of reasons. I like the historical throwbacks rather than looking like a straight demonic ghost story. The cinematography looks good and the producers behind it look promising. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Cats trailer 2

Ok, I’m pretty sure I said this last time, but WTF Hollywood. I know Cats is a masterpiece of Broadway musicals and I’m in no way crapping on these talented singers, dancers, and artists hard work, the visuals in this movie genuinely freak me out. What I think does it is that nothing of the makeup looks fake, in fact the make up and prostheses make me not think of Cats but these this are some strange hybrid creatures. I’m pretty curious how this movie will turn out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.



Here we have a request from my friend Autobot, who has a love of Cryptozoology; this review is for you kid.

Loch, nicknamed after the famous Loch Ness  Monster, is fascinated by legendary sea life and the expeditions he and his sister get to join the there dad on. There dad, Sam Perkins, is a  big marine biologist who is sadly working for a dick named Cavenger who is obsessed with capturing a monster of his own. During a expedition to a quiet lake, prehistoric beasts are discovered, the most powerful of which kills a cameraman. While picnicking, Loch and his sister Zaidee uncover a baby creature they call Wee Beastie, a friendly, playful creature that means no harm. Cavenger is on the warpath, assembling a stock of high powered munitions to gun the creatures down. Can Loch, Zaidee, and Cavenger’s daughter Sarah save the creatures before it’s too late…

Loch is a pretty short and sweet book meant for younger folks between I’d say ages 8-13. There are a surprising amount of gory deaths that younger readers will find cool that aren’t overly graphic. The main characters are fun and the story is overall pretty solid; I like that it doesn’t sequel bait, unlike something like this made in modern day would be. The pacing of the book is good, only taking me two days to finish reading it. In the end it’s a solid monster book I’d recommend for younger folks. May the gaming gods bring you glory.



I have to say, reading the synopsis for this film, watching the trailer, and seeing the movie I can’t help but feel bait and switched. I was expecting something like Stepford Wives meets the Wicker Man. I was pretty damn mistaken…

Shay is on her way to her first Purity Retreat with her dad and sister, a family she is still new to. During this retreat, the girls celebrate there virginity and purity by signing contracts during the forthcoming Purity Ball. With no phones, dressed all in white for those 3 days, they are contorted by the radical beliefs of pastor Seth. One night, Shay and a few girls have some fun and perform a ritual summoning the mythic Lilith Seth always speaks about. Strange things begin to happen as Shay begins to realize this camp may not be a harmless thing after all…

I have some positives before I drop some huge negatives. The cinematography was good and the main actresses were pretty solid. The movie has a lot to say about overbearing men in religious positions of power and some discussions could be started because of this movie. As for the negatives, the rest of the movie. Not much really happens in the movie and what does is either surprisingly tame or just lame; there is a ludicrous amount of obnoxious jump scares throughout. The indie music they play gets annoying quick too, especially when the damn jump scares follow. I can see a lot of the views expressed in this movie pissing someone off pretty bad. A lot of the male actors I felt weren’t great. In the end, I can’t really recommend this Hulu original because it has a good premise but a mostly crap execution. May the gaming gods bring you glory.