Mad Games Tycoon

Mad games Tycoon is a simulation game like many others, except this time it is a game about making games. Yes it has been done before, so the real question becomes is it done well.

Short answer is yes, it has been. You start in your garage with a little money. You will build a few small rooms to start programming very basic games. With some more research money and time you can make bigger and better games.

Eventually you can make your own consoles and work with far more modern equipment, but you will have to earn your way there.

The game is fun and will require plenty of strategy. For fans of the genre its not bad. Its not much to look at however, tho most games of the type are not. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Plague Inc. (PS4)

Plague Inc is a mobile game ported to console, and the real differences are as opposed to being free like it is on mobile where you can pay to unlock things, on the console you buy it and earn unlockables by playing. Aside from that and controller changes, it is the same game. You name your virus or fungus or whatever you design, plant it somewhere, choose how it evolves and spreads and try to kill everyone on earth.

While that is it and is just what the game is it is actually quite fun and hard to master. The scientist will try to find cures people will take better care of themselves as it spreads and countries will close their borders as it spreads. It is a fun little game I suggest you pick up on a sale as it isn’t really worth more than $5 or so. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

More Game of the Decade Candidates

Here we are with my last 5 picks. I want to remind everyone that if your game of choice isn’t on here I may not have played it, and just because a game is on here doesn’t mean I enjoyed it, I just think it caused enough of change in gaming it deserves it. I actually don’t like many of the games on my own list. Like this next one.

images (3)

Fortnite Battle Royale, this game gets a lot of love and hate, some deserved some not. Like it or not tho this game was and is huge and because of what it has done for gaming and esports, there is no denying its right to be in the conversation.


While for me GTAV is the definition of what NOT to do online and is probably the most toxic online environment ever created there is no denying its single-player story is amazing and online is loved by millions, so really who am I to complain? What list would be complete without it?

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Yea I am putting Red Dead Redemption 2 right after GTAV, and both belong here for basically the same reason. Admittedly Rockstar knows what they are doing with these games. Huge open worlds with plenty to do, amazing characters beautiful graphics and setting sales records.

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Persona 5 is an amazing RPG, and oddly the only game on this list that could potentially be considered for game of the decade twice with Persona 5 Royal coming out eventually. But this game can easily take 100 hours to beat and there is content in New Game plus that is unavailable in the first playthrough. The game is beautiful and each persona has a life of its own, the characters all feel like their own people with problems of their own for you to get to know and experience. Any fan of RPGs needs to try this one out.

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Kerbal Space Program. This may be the only list you find this game on, and I am putting it here because honestly until this I had never played a game like it, and now there are various games like it on mobile or under development. The ability to build rockets and planes and stations and whatever you can imagine is amazing and fun, and this may be the only game where failure is not only an option, it is the best way to learn and to learn about real physics and such. For me, this is what an educational game should be.

So what do you guys think? Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Music Monday: “When I Come Home (Reimagined)” by Anthony Green feat. Summer Swee-Singh — Perpetually Past Due

Music Monday is a meme, created by Drew at The Tattooed Book Geek, where I focus on a song I absolutely love and feel needs to be shared. Song: “When I Come Home (Reimagined)” Artist: Anthony Green featuring Summer Swee-Singh Album: Would You Still Be With Strings (2019)

via Music Monday: “When I Come Home (Reimagined)” by Anthony Green feat. Summer Swee-Singh — Perpetually Past Due

Game of the Decade Candidates

Many of you remember the other day I talked about the game of the decade and how I didn’t think you could truly pick one and the best you could truly do is debate it. So here are 5 picks for me today and I will have 5 more tomorrow, and we can discuss them, or you can just call me a moron. So enjoy in no real order, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


The original Dark Souls, released in 2011 and despite the many, many issues it had it changed the way many people play games. Sure Demon Souls came first but Dark Souls really made it popular. Now the style wouldn’t be perfected until much later, but this game deserves to be mentioned.

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Dark Souls deserved to be mentioned for bringing a series to life really, Bloodborne deserves it for perfecting that series imo. The lore, the art style the combat itself. It is all steller. Nothing about this game is unfairly hard, but it is hard. Simple mistakes will get you killed time and time again, but good timing and situational awareness will get you through every time.

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Spider-Man is on the list not because I think it would ever win this honor, but because it deserves to be mentioned simply for what it finally gave us. A Spider-Man that felt like Spider-Man. The web-swinging was great, the story was pretty amazing. It was pretty nice to see real superpowers could be done right.

images (2),

The Witcher 3 is a game I am well known to not be a fan of but I can’t deny the impact it has had. From Netflix shows to awards. the game is hundreds of hours in content, the lore is out of this world and speaking of the world, it is one of the most alive in (2)

I know I am playing with numbers here a little bit by counting Minecraft here because it was initially released in 2009 for some people but the official release date by Majong was 2011. But it has been released on every console (and PC) so I feel like, for a blog, we can cut it some slack and since it has has been one of the highest streamed and played games in that entire time period, we can talk about it.

So let me know what you guys think, and until tomorrow when I give you my last 5, may the gaming gods bring you glory.


The Good Place (season 3, Soilers)

The Good Place Season 3 obviously continues where The Good Place (Season 2, Spoilers) left off. Our friends still searching for a way into The Good Place after showing people continue to grow even after death and can change.

Not long into the season tho it is discovered that nobody has made it into The Good Place in a few hundred years, and our ragtag crew will set off to prove The Bad Place had rigged the system to make it impossible for anyone. There will, of course, be plenty of traveling and jokes and guest appearances that I won’t get into or how they figure out what is really going on because that is the truly important part of all this but that alone is worth watching it for because it really does represent real life.

For me, that has been the fun of this show. It sneaks in realistic things about like without being preachy or anything while making me laugh and think, and I truly can not wait for season 4. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Game of the Decade?

Now I know I am late on this, and honestly if you are looking for what I think that game was just go ahead and click the little X button. I don’t have one listed. How do you rightfully judge that? Overall quality for the time it was released? Overall quality in general? Because it would be quite unfair to compare games in 2011 to games in 2019 directly.

Maybe we simply go by impact on gaming? Because Dark Souls and Minecraft are probably damn near untouchable as is Fortnite which while not the first of its kind it is by far the most influential.

No sadly for me while game of the year I feel can be narrowed down I think you need to just throw a few games into the running for game of the decade and just let people discuss them and figure it out on their own. So here is what I am going to do, in the next few days I will put together a list of 10 games I think are worth being discussed as game of the decade. Then we can discuss those and see what we come up with. So until then, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.