Tropico 6 (PS4 Review)

As always I want to take a moment to thank my friends over at Kalypso for hooking me up with a copy of this one prior to release. It is always great to be chosen to receive a review copy of a game but when it is a series you are a long time fan of, it is truly special, and this time I abused the privilege

For those that are unfamiliar with the Tropico franchise, you will play the dictator of a tropical paradise. You will run every aspect of this tropical paradise. You will choose what to build, where to build it, what to important export and who to kill and imprison. That isn’t a joke, by the way, you can imprison and kill people if their existence annoys you, after all, you are El Presidente.

We will get into all that in a bit, but one of my favorite things they added is the ability to customize your palace in new ways. You change the layout and color, the windows or even what it is made of. Want to change that fountain into a hedge maze, have at it. Here is a picture of mine for exampleTropico 6_20190918151721. Honestly, I just wanted it to stand out so I could find it easily, plus I really just wanted to play with stuff and this is what I ended up with. You can also separate the building so it is on different spots of the compound, stuff like that.

Another great thing they have done is it is now easier than ever to sift through the information you need. There are separate tabs so you can see where the pollution is or happiness levels, just everything you can need. This for me made things run much smoother. All this info was available in the other games of course just this time around it seems much easier to find and utilize.

Speaking of utilizing information, you can now plan most of your island beforehand. You can now see the best places to build which types of plantations, where you can find what types of metals for you mines or even oil and fish. Honestly, I didn’t do this because I am kind of an idiot, but it can be done. I also encourage you to do this since you can for example build stuff on the best places to dig for oil or minerals.

Graphically the game isn’t a huge achievement but it does look great for what it is. I enjoyed watching the people run around and the fire trucks putting out my buildings that a volcano set on fire, a lot.

The control are also great to me, tho I do have some minor complaints. For example, the combat is still pretty terrible. You basically just build towers and bases and attacks happen. You have some control obviously, but I feel like if you had more the game would really benefit from it.

Another small issue I have is trade seems to be a bit unbalanced to me. I always seem to have a ton of money, or I am pretty much bankrupt and it really seems like this kind of discrepancy shouldn’t be so frequent.

None of this hurts the overall experience too much, the game is still beautiful to play and fun and I will continue to play it long after this review is posted. It is also worth noting the console version comes with a few things that weren’t with the PC release and those will be listed below. As for a score, easily a 9/10 for me. If you enjoyed the rest of the games in the series or are looking to get into it, this one is a must buy. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


  • Four new traits for El Presidente
  • New edicts (e.g. Free Housing)
  • New overlays
  • Special effects of buildings are visualized
  • Revised balancing (e.g. tourism, media building)
  • Revised pathfinding of the Tropicaner
  • New variations for parks and squares
  • New Decoration: Space Monument
  • New decorations for El Presidente in character adaptation
  • The language can be changed at any time during the game.
  • color-blind mode
  • More than 300+ bugfixes

Football Field Kick (Mobile)

Foot Field Kick is a Mobile game from that is pretty simple to play. All you do is tap the screen when the meter gets where you want it and your player will kick the ball. As you earn money you can upgrade your stats and kick the ball further, make the ball bounce higher and so on and so forth. The game is honestly fun for about 3 minutes until the ads every 30 seconds will drive you nuts.

Seriously, this game would have been perfectly fun to me if it wasn’t for all the damn ads. I get companies need to make their money, but these ads make the game pretty much unplayable for me. Skip this one guys, there are better free games out there that are far more interesting and engaging that won’t give you ads all the time. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015)

The Blackcoat’s Daughter is a 2015 horror movie about two girls stuck over a holiday at an all-girls Catholic school with something dark and sinister. The movie starts with two girls finding out their parents aren’t going to show up. One because they are stuck in a storm, the other because she lied to her parents about what day to be there.

The movie after that jumps between the 2 girls at school and Joan, a girl traveling alone with a husband and wife that are making their way towards Bradford, where the school is, to leave flowers at the grave of their deceased daughter.

The movie is less interesting than it sounds. It takes forever to get going and even when it does it is never all that interesting to me. The ending also felt like it was tacked on and my girlfriend and I saw it coming around halfway through the movie. There wasn’t anything wrong with the acting or the effects or any of that. I personally just didn’t like the story. By all means, give it a watch, I can’t really say there was anything inherently wrong with it, I just didn’t enjoy it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Super Dodgeball Beats (Review)

As always, huge shout out to Playstack to hooking us up with a review code for this one. Always an honor to be chosen to review a game and this one is no exception.

I am going to preface this review by saying this, on a personal level I did not enjoy playing this game. Rhythm games are always hit and miss for me and this one was a huge swing and a miss for me. My personal enjoyment out of the way, everything after this will be based solely on the game itself because I do have quite a few positive things to say about the game.

First, the music in the game is catchy. It matches the atmosphere well and I was never sitting there wondering why it was chosen. I even found a few times I just left the game on while I was doing other stuff listening to the music because honestly I kind of suck at the game anyway and my daughter liked dancing to it.

Graphically the game is also very nice, I loved the art style and how the story played out in a sort of graphic novel comic book effect The gameplay itself is on the surface pretty simple at least to learn. The characters on your side of the screen are lined up in the same order of the buttons, for example on PS4 the circle square triangle and X buttons. (I’m not calling it a damn cross) As the white circles get where they need to be you hit the corresponding button. Sometimes you need to hold the button or use the left analog stick.

The game itself is pretty well made and as the difficulty ramps up it can become insane, challenging and frustrating in a good way. While the game was not fun for me, I understand the appeal and I would never discourage anyone from buying it. It wasn’t fun for me, but it will be for many others. The game is a solid 7 of 10. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Final Fantasy 8 Remastered

Oh Final Fantasy 8, how I have loved thee since I was a child. The GF’s, the characters, the world itself and the monster designs. As a kid, I used to love these things. However, did this translate to modern times and how did this remaster come out? According to my Platinum trophy pretty damn well.

The story is as you remember, that hasn’t been altered. You play as Squall Leonhart. Student of Balamb, member of SeeD. After being sent on his first mission and meeting Rinoa Heartilly things suddenly take a weird turn and our crew ends up on a quest to stop the Sorceress.

The story aside that I don’t want to delve into deep. The graphical upgrades to the characters are amazing, tho I am a bit disappointed the same treatment wasn’t given to most of the environment. The upgrades to the combat system are nice for an odd reason. You can up the game speed by 3 times, have no encounters and easy combat which basically makes you invincible unless you get killed in one hit, makes your gauge charge almost instantly and your limit breaks will always be charged. This makes the game a breeze to play outside of certain battles. However, if like me you are impatient and hate how long drawing all the magic takes, you can now do in minutes what used to take hours. That alone for me is worth it.

For the trophy hunters in this group, I won’t call this one easy but I will call it straight forward. Only about 3 of them are missable and if you are careful, those aren’t hard to get anyway. You only have to go slightly out of your way for them the benefits for doing so are pretty worth it.

The only issue is if you use the 3X speed upgrade, the game feels really slow in combat when you stop, and it’s really tempting to use the combat assist to heal yourself. Unless you are strong-willed or just want to experience the story avoid using them at all.

I did, however, love the game and have no real complaints with the remaster itself. I for one am glad to finally see this on a modern console and encourage everyone to give it a shot. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Evil Dead 2 (1987)

Evil Dead 2 has been a pretty debated movie believe it or not. It all comes down to the opening of the movie. It starts with Ash back in the same cabin, with an entirely different group of people. Found the same book, but the reading happened in a different place. This has lead to the debate of is it a remake or a sequel?

The answer is actually quite interesting. The short answer, by the way, a remake and sequel simultaneously.  See as it turns out they couldn’t get the rights to their own movie. The way around this was when they made Evil Dead 2 they opened with a rehash of the last movie, and changed it. The same general idea, different actors (except Bruce still plays Ash)

Interestingly enough they did it in such a way that if you skip that intro and pick up where the first movie left off and just play Evil Dead 2 from where the entity hits Ash at the end of Evil Dead (1981) it actually makes perfect sense.

This one, however, is a bit different. It starts with Ash being possessed by an evil as the sun comes up, which pushes it away.  Meanwhile, we discover that the owners of this cabin are about to have visitors that found more of the book of the dead. These pages are being brought to the cabin so they can be read by the owner that Ash discovered mysteriously disappeared.

Like the first movie the charm of this cult classic is that the effects, story, and acting are all about as cheesy as they come. They aren’t cheesy in a bad way tho, the whole thing is entertaining. The best part is Bruce Campbell however, he truly seems to love the role and his fans.

As the movie goes on and everyone meets up at the cabin, we discover the older couple is trapped in the basement, dead and possessed by evil. This evil wants to kill everyone in the cabin and take their souls, while Ash is determined to survive and the new pages of the book are the way to do this. I won’t spoil the ending but I will encourage you all to see it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Evil Dead (1981)

Bruce Cambell as Ash Williams. (check out @torstenvblog coverage Evil Dead ) This is one of those cult classics that most people have either seen and love or seen and hate. I have seen it and love it. What is not to love tho? The special effects are cheesy as hell, the story is almost nonsensical to the point of hilarity and I dare you to watch this and not love Ash.

The movie starts off with our group going to an old log cabin for a weekend getaway. During this night of fun, they discover a book in a basement. Now, most people would be smart enough to not read from the book with a face on human skin in a creepy language but these idiots do exactly that. This releases an evil entity that goes on a killing spree and the dead come back to life.

The movie is on Hulu and is a must-see if you are a horror fan. It resulted in multiple sequels and a TV series and even a game. It can’t be bad to get that kind of results right? Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.