Angel (Season one)

Angel is one of those shows I watched when I was much younger that I enjoyed, tho it had a counterpart Buffy the Vampire Slayer that I didn’t really care for weirdly. I recently watched season 1 just for a break in my usual stuff while my daughter is running around and I have to say all these years later and David Boreanaz is still a joy to watch. He really nails the dark and brooding part of the show, but his sense of humor is still note worthy. A lot of people can pull of the dark and broody attitude or have a great sense of humor, most can’t do both as well as David. His chemistry with Charisma Carpenter is also pretty great who pulls off the ditzy rich chick role amazingly.

Both characters will slowly grow into people that are trying to improve themselves as they are far from perfect. Angel is on a quest for redemption as his previous life of evil landed him with a curse from gypsies that gave the vampire his soul back. They fight the good fight against other vampires, demons, and lawyers. The last one isn’t a joke by the way, there really is a law firm in the show called Wolfram and Hart. They are basically involved in helping the underworld stary out of jail and hide their activity. It is a pretty cool concept that works out well. Regardless if you haven’t seen the show before it is worth checking out. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Forager (PS4)

Forager is a game that out the gate seems overwhelming and weird. You basically start as a guy with a pickaxe and are told to build something. After that, the game basically leaves you alone. You then collect resources with your pickaxe to build new things and collect money. More money will let you unlock more land and build bigger and better things.

Over time you can build machines that will blast resources for you as they pop-up and you can get new skills to auto collect them. There is quite a bit of land to explore, temples to explore, enemies to fight and plenty of things to build and upgrade. There is no shortage of things to do, tho they do get a bit repetitive most notably at the beginning when you are simply doing the same thing while struggling to get what you need to build basic things. It isn’t long before things start to open up tho and you start to notice how many things tie together to create a pretty original experience despite the fact it feels like a cross between Minecraft and Terraria, both great games in their own right. If you like them tho, you may enjoy this one. So by all means check it out, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Fishing Paradiso

Fishing Paradiso is a mobile game that is pretty simple and straight forward, tho a bit odd in terms of story. You play as what appears to be a child,who is dead and in Heaven. A huge star looking whale tells you he wants to see you again, but you have to reach him at a higher place in heaven, which seems to be in space.

You awaken on an island with a bird pecking at you to get you moving. He explains that fishing in heaven isn’t quite the same. Fish in heaven are special and as such is treated differently in heaven.

The mechanics are simple, and bait recharges over time or you can pay real money to get infinite bait. Admittedly doing sill will make the game go real quick I am sure as most of what slowed me down was waiting for bait to recharge in the first place. It is pretty fun as far as mobile games go and it is a nice way to waste a fee minutes at a time, but don’t spend any real money on it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Bear With Me-The Lost Robots (PS4)

As always, the first thing I want to do is say thank you to the guys over at Modus games for hooking me up with a review copy of Bear With Me- The Lost Robots. It is a prequel chapter to the rest of the Bear With Me series, which is also available on Playstation 4 with the Bear With Me Complete Collection, which as of now I have not played.

The second thing I would like to do is apologize for this review being a bit later than I would have liked. There was a pretty nasty storm earlier this week that knocked trees down and caused some flooding and as such caused some internet issues for many in the area that I am still trying to get sorted out.

Now, onto Bear With me. The game stars Flint and Ted E. Bear as they try to solve the mystery of, you guessed it, the lost robots. I feel I have to say, I don’t like point and click adventures. The story is usual meh at best and you send all your time blondly clicking trying to figure stuff out. I went into this thinking I love Modus games but hate this genre but because of who it was I wanted to keep an open mind and I am glad I did. Paper City is full of interesting people that are well written. The sounds are nothing short of stuff and well placed and even the music tells you exactly what the setting is.

The writing tho is where this game truly shines. Flint and Ted just compliment each other well. Ted is a smart kid with problems of his own that clearly is only helping for the sake of his sister, but this doesn’t dampen his enthusiasm. Ted is a sarcastic, cynical and some times lazy bear that is good at his job. At one point I kept looking at a projector just so Flint would ask Ted if he could fix it because I enjoyed listening to Ted tell me even if he could he wouldn’t because there was one directly next to it that worked.

The excellent writing doesn’t end there, I am not ashamed to admit there is a chameleon named OCD that I discovered if you examine his bulletin board Ted will pull down a story and tell him it has a typo. The results kept me occupied longer than I would like to admit.

Bear With Me - The Lost Robots_20190730075939

Above you can see OCD just minding his own business editing the local paper.

Bear With Me - The Lost Robots_20190730080007

Now if you look above you can see what happens when Ted tells him there is a typo. He will freak out and start all over again. The game is full of small details like this. Most of those papers on the wall can actually be examined to get a small piece of dialogue, most of which are some sort of witty joke or pun.

I don’t want to give to much away since the entire game is based on these interactions and everything I have talked about so far was very early in the game. They are by no means the best or even only such things you can do. The story itself is also well written and has its own twist and turns that are worth diving into all on its own. If you are a trophy hunter the game is also pretty good for that as well. There is just really no reason to not check this game out, more so when you look at its price point. A solid 8/10 game that would do any collection well. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Bear With Me - The Lost Robots_20190731201132

Ted E. Bear knocking over a sign and fence with a car.


Dream Hospital (Mobile)

Dream hospital quickly went from a game a started out enjoying and quickly became highly disappointed in. While the sound and graphics are nice it became quickly apparent there wasn’t enough room to really build most of what you needed and getting the money together to build it was either an insane grind or would require real money. While we all play mobile games knowing this is the game plan because honestly how else will they make money, some games do take this way to far and this is one of those games.

Now the game is admittedly enjoyable, seeing all the people come and go, building rooms, equipping doctors and rooms while leveling up to find cures and new illnesses can be a blast. The added bonus of being able to create items to help cure things is also pretty awesome in itself. It just isn’t really worth the headache of having to grind just to hire a doctor after grinding to build a room. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

911 Operator (PC)

Recently my friend over at Gaming With Noobs picked me up a copy of 911 Operator to check out since it was on sale and he enjoyed it. So please check out his review if you get a minute. As for me, I enjoyed the game but I do agree with him. The game while fun does get repetitive really fast if you are playing the base game. The calls and incidents repeat themselves and you do basically just spend all your time left and right-clicking to send cops, fire trucks, and medics places.

The flip side is it is fun trying to manage it all, do you send your police to check on the crying kid that may or may not be something or do you send them to the argument at the bar? As you make more money you can get bigger and better vehicles and helicopters or even a horse. I like to give the guy on a horse machine a gun. There is no reason for this besides I like to imagine a dude on a horse riding up to someone with an M-16 on a horse.

You can also just ignore the calls completely because screw that dude with a cat stuck in a tree. It really isn’t your problem right? Just don’t leave your cops for dead during a shootout, it tends to make the game harder and I never actually got anyone to die. They kind of just hang out until you send someone in my experience. We all know I wasn’t just going to play this game the right way. The game is worth the money tho and I wish I picked it up sooner. Even more impressive is you can download the map for most cities and they are quite accurate. I downloaded the one for my home town and ended up with a car accident a block from my house. So have fun, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Golf Clash (Mobile)

Golf Clash is one of those games I saw and gave a shot because it seemed really simple and quick to play and honestly it truly is. Just pull back for power, wait for the slider to be in the sweet spot and let go and boom. The ball goes flying down the course. Winning games will give you coins and occasionally a chest that takes a bit of time to open. The chest may give you coins or points towards clubs. These clubs will let you upgrade the corresponding club to increase your performance. And here is where my issue comes in, it basically becomes pay to win at that point at least later. Getting enough coins to upgrade clubs takes forever if you aren’t willing to pay real money, and you have little hope of beating people that have. Skill will only take you so far honestly. It is a fun and simple game, just be aware that occasionally at hire levels winning isn’t something you can probably so without some cash. Best wishes and may thee gaming gods bring you glory.