The Fly

the fly

What would Halloween be without a good monster movie review? How about a review of one of the best remakes of all time and one of the most gruesome body horror movies.

Seth Brundle is a scientist making a teleportation device. He’s awkward but enthusiastic his invention will change the world, attracting the interest of a journalist named Ronnie. Seth’s experiment is seemingly a success, except for the unseen fly that found it’s way into the pod with him. The changes in Seth are small at first, he feels more lively and feels stronger with added libido. He tells Ronnie the process purified him, enhanced him and urges her to try it. Not long after he begins a series of horrific changes that accompany his enhanced strength and dexterity, he is becoming a new creature. He is becoming the fly; the question is can Ronnie escape before Seth changes her too?

It’s actually really hard and easy to do this review at the same time. The plot of this movie has been parodied so many times, I wouldn’t feel bad spoiling anything at this time. I will say this is Jeff  Goldblum’s best performance in my opinion as Brundle. He is mad, desperate and sympathetic but still terrifying. The layers of his decomposition is spectacular and what this movie is truly known for, but don’t watch this if you have a weak stomach. I love the moral conflict that Geena Davis has as Ronnie, watching and documenting this man’s hideous transformation and feeling sorry for him but wanting her story at the same time. The movie is a slow burn but will absolutely not disappoint leading to the tragic end. I highly recommend it this Halloween and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Fallout 4 – Base Game Review

Pretty sure this was done before, but I’m unoriginal, I’m LittleSavior699, deal with it. Oh yea, spoilers, I guess. You coward.

Fallout 4 is one of the more recent additions to the Fallout franchise. (We don’t talk about Fallout 76, who she?) Coming out in November of 2015 and winning game of the year. If I’m being fully honest, I think Fallout New Vegas is the best Fallout game. Get Obsidian back, alright Bethesda? You need a great installment of the Fallout franchise to make up for 76, that piece of sh-

However, I still enjoyed Fallout 4, especially with all the mods I broke that game with. Seriously, who thought that was a good idea? You really think we’re NOT going to make Dogmeat invincible? It’s just more immersive that way! Dogmeat is a good boy, can we just make this a review of Dogmeat? Actually, no, it’d just be a bunch of cute dog pictures and me worshiping the air he breathes & ground he walks on. He’s a good boy.

For each and every faction, I can describe it the same. BORING! I just can’t even be bothered to do their missions anymore. The only reason I ever do is to get Piper to marry me, and even then, I often remind her she’s lucky I love her. Oh, and to get The Castle so I can build a Castle fit for Piper. Not Nat, she can shoo-shoo! Who names their child after a bug?! Anyways, I seriously think the factions have much to be desired. Hopefully in the next game, they get better.

I really liked the graphics and how they had more depth; the people didn’t look like plastic clay. I also really liked the idea layering of armors, however, the execution, whilst not terrible, I didn’t like it so much. Some items that couldn’t be layered didn’t exactly make sense. Why wouldn’t I put a raider chest piece over my winter clothes?! I get cold, and the armor rating isn’t that great!

Also, can we talk about Preston?! DUDE, CALM YOUR TITS, I’M SURE SOMEONE ELSE CAN DO IT, LEGIT, ONE OF YOUR PEOPLE STOLE MY POWER ARMOR! I’m pretty sure they can handle themselves. Oh, I also hated that the main character was voice acted. I couldn’t give them a cool, weird voice!


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The Turning trailer

For the millionth time; I’m really starting to think Hollywood is running out of ideas. The Turning is a modern telling of the classic horror story “The Turning of the Screw” and while I’d say this movie seems to be filmed pretty well, this looks generic as hell. I can’t say this movie is fully to blame, the source material is classic and has surely influenced countless others, but that being said this looks like every evil kid/ haunted house story ever. May the gaming gods bring you glory.



Candyman is one of those rare horror classics I haven’t seen fully until just recently. Based off of the short story “The Forbidden” by Clive Barker (one of my favorite horror authors), I was excited to see what this icon had in store for me.

Helen Lyle and Bernadette Walsh are grad students investigating a local urban legend held accountable for several grisly murders, the Candyman. If you look into a mirror and say his name 5 times, a figure with a hook for a hand disembowels you. Upon further investigation Helen learns where this story originated, a young African American man was brutally killed by having his arm cut off and slathered in honey so he would by stung to death by thousands of bees and finally his body was burned and his ashes were scattered in what would be a run down apartment complex near her. She takes the legend in jest and summons the haunting figure who turns Helen’s life upside down to continue his legend; can Helen bring down the figure before he steals a baby’s life as well as her own?

While not perfect, I can safely say Candyman is a classic. Tony Todd as Candyman is menacing and his voice is frightening; my only grip is that they echo him too much and there’s a few times it becomes hard to understand his lines. I love the cinematography and the use of symbolism. My favorite besides Candyman’s full  reveal at the end is the entrance to his lair being a painting of his screaming face. Virginia Madsen as Helen isn’t a typical survivor girl and I liked her as a main character. The movie’s pacing is good and the score is pretty different which gives the movie a tone different than most slasher movies. A couple of times the effects look kooky but nothing unforgivable by any means. Candyman is definitely a movie I recommend to any horror fan who never saw it. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark trilogy

scary stories tril

As much as I love Goosebumps , the original Scary Stories trilogy gave me and a bunch of kids nightmares in the 90’s and early 2000’s. I’m saying this right now, if you got younger kids and want to spook them out old school this Halloween, these book have you covered. With some surprisingly grisly tales throughout Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and Scary Stories 3: More Tales to Chill Your Bones and truly nightmarish artwork throughout. I admit, the kid in me went spastic when I saw the trailers for the movie and saw the ghouls and stories brought to life. Some tales that stuck out to me was the story of the girl with the terrible zit, the “wonderful” sausage, and a wedding game gone wrong. As an adult, I love to bring the treasury out which contains the trilogy and enjoy a good horror tale or 2 before bed. These books are a must read for horror fans of all ages and a fun thing that needs to be shared with the younger generations. May the gaming gods bring you glory.