Evil Dead: The Musical

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Have you ever watched the classic Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2: Dead by┬áDawn and wished Ash and the Deadites broke out into song? Well, good news, there is a legitimate musical. Evil Dead: The Musical recounts Evil Dead 1 and 2 as well as pieces of Army of Darkness in a jaunty, goofy, and damn infectious musical. Seriously, once I began watching I couldn’t stop. The music is cheesy but lovable and some of the most catchy I’ve heard in a few years; for days on end I listened until I could sing along with such toe tappers as ” Do the Necronomicon”, ” What the Fuck was that”, “Join Us- featuring a singing Canadrian Demon Moose”, and “Housewares Employee”. I laughed, I bopped along with the talented cast who you can tell loved the material, and even cheered at the inventive, gory demon scenes. In the end, this is way more fun and spirited than I thought it would be and absolutely deserves betting checked out. May the Canadrian demons bring you glory.

Elden Ring trailer

Holy Shit, with the exception of some of the Nintendo trailers from E3, this one has me stunned in my steps. If Dark Souls, Lord of the Rings, and a cool anime were thrown into a blender and turned into a pretty badass looking epic. I’m definitely enthralled here and I can’t wait to see more. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Candyman trailer 2

While I started really , really hyped for this particular remake, a few things about this trailer bother me. I’m really hoping the Candyman’s origin won’t be changed too much and some of the imagery, outside the puppet trailer look iffy. I’m really hoping for the best here but I’m cautious now. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Psychonaunts 2 announcement trailer

Psychonaunts is one of those bizarre games I have the utmost respect for because it was trying to be different and make an odd, zany world of its own. The legacy seems to have continued with the long awaited Psychonaunts 2 and I’m pretty damn excited. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Demon Slayer ( season 1)

Well, it’s certainly been a hot minute since I covered some anime. I’ve gotten plenty of requests as well as started many but never finishing but I’ve started again. Demon Slayer is one of the hottest anime to drop since My Hero Academia took off and the movie is now the top-grossing anime film of all time, beating Dragonball Super: Broly . So is the hype worth it?

Tanjiro is a kind hearted young man who loves and wants to take care of his mother and siblings. Life is rough but he glides through smiling kindly…until blood thirsty demons ravage his family, leaving himself and his sister Nezeko as the sole survivors; Nezeko has been left as a violent, murderous demon. Heartbroken, Tanjiro sets off to cure his sister of her demon blood and regain her humanity, undergoing the training of becoming a Demon Slayer, mastering the art of water breathing and gaining new friends as he sets off on the impossible task of not only curing his sister but hunting down the original demon to get her cure…

First and foremost, this anime is absolutely breathtaking on the eyes. The use of color and animation styles, especially during the fight scenes is truly beautiful and makes the series instantly stand out. The relationship between Tanjiro and Nezeko is simple but powerful much like Edward and Alfonse from Fullmetal Alchemist and the characters around them are fascinating and cool, both heroes and villains alike. The season ends on a really cool cliffhanger that directly leads into the movie. In the end, Demon Slayer is a very promising anime I highly recommend checking out, especially if you are new to anime or just want something both heartwarming and badass. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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So, me and Savior have waited ages for this special re-release and I’m thrilled to join Shepherd’s epic quest to defend the universe from the Reapers in this sprawling trilogy. In the past I covered Mass Effect , Mass Effect 2 , and Mass Effect 3 and I still stand by those reviews. For the Legendary Edition, I wanted to talk about my experience with the remasters.

Mass Effect feels the most different of the trilogy and honestly, that’s for the better. Combat is improved with the cover mechanics and combat feels closer to the other games. While still not as tight and overheating weapons get annoying, having a better cover and squad mechanics evens the feeling out. Another huge change is the Mako drives much better and feels a lot less like a chore than before. Overall, Mass Effect got an overall upgrade but its not perfect.

Mass Effect 2 is still the best in the series in my opinion and besides the graphical upgrade, there isn’t much different but some censored content. Mainly the horrific imagery of Maelon’s work and the nudity of the romance scenes are pulled back. Besides that, still a fantastic sequel and game.

Mass Effect 3 is where I get pissed off, but not for the reasons you might think. I played the base, vanilla version of the game last generation and thought it was fair and enjoyable but damn their could’ve been more. Well, there was more- behind paid DLC. By more, I mean an epic shit ton. Huge chunks of lore were broken off from the game and sold seperately as well as a new teammate who adds immensely to the lore of the whole trilogy; in gameplay it adds up to about 6-8 additional hours of huge lore heavy content that clearly should’ve been in the main game but…money. I loved the content and enjoyed the full version of Mass Effect 3 than I did originally.

In the end, the trilogy is absolutely worth getting. I pumped a good 6 weeks into the trilogy and was never bored and as before, I can’t recommend it enough. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Karen trailer

We really did it, didn’t we. Oh no, we really did it. Karen got a movie, and it’s not an outlandish comedy. It looks like somebody thought Karen needed an actual thriller…and oddly, it makes it funnier than if they went for a full comedy. Well, I do want to watch it and watch it I will try to. May the gaming gods bring you glory.