28 Days Later

28 days later I’ve been touched by a lot of amazing movies over my 27 years on Earth (as well as some lame movies). As time goes on, our feelings change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst. 28 Days is one of those very, very few that hasn’t lost the profound impact on me all these years later.

It all begins with good intentions gone awry. A group of animal activists break into a lab and free a group of test chimps, unaware of the horrible virus they carried. 28 days later, a guy named Jim wakes up from a coma. He is completely alone. He leaves the hospital, he walks the streets screaming for someone, anyone; no one answers. After hours, he comes upon people, but they don’t respond. They chase Jim. All hell breaks loose. Selena saves him from getting mauled to death, having to kill one of her own group mates to survive. She tells Jim about the viral outbreak that swept through Britain and how just a single drop of infected blood can transmit the fast acting Rage virus. Jim goes home and finds his parents killed themselves after reading there note. The two find themselves on the run, joining a father and teenage daughter, Frank and Hannah and together they have to journey across the country, avoiding these rabid infected towards there glimmer of hope…

28 Days Later rendered me speechless when I first saw it on TV back when I was in middle school. I never had an interest in zombies until the Resident Evil (movie 2002) but I never found them really scary, until this movie. The Rage zombies are damn scary as hell. They’re fast, they’re rabid, and what I liked is how they were physically toned down but still looked freaky. These zombies aren’t missing pieces or overly bloody, but there red vacant eyes, pale skin were a nice touch. The actors are fantastic; there aren’t many horror movies where I’m genuinely saddened a character dies or where they are in danger but here they felt real. The cinematography and score are beautiful. Seeing Jim isolated, hearing his voice echo was mind blowing. The twist the story takes at the end is pretty cool and bad ass. I consider this movie a horror classic and I highly recommend seeing it, may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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Writer of the strange and everything; lover of horror, literature, comics, and the alien is my spirit animal

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