Chasing Amy (1997)

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Chasing Amy is one of the earlier Kevin Smith movies, tho not one of the Jay and Silent Bob movies. Starring Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams and Jason Lee the story is about two comic book writers, Ben and Jason just doing their thing when they meet another, less popular writer, Adams.

Holden (Ben) and Adams (Alyssa) of course eventually fall in love after much chasing by Holden. Tho Alyssa is, or was a lesbian her entire life. Jason (Banky) doesn’t really approve of it, and he makes this quite well-known. He actually is quite homophobic to the point he claims lesbians that don’t hate men aren’t even real, kind of like the Easter Bunny or Santa. ( His Claim not mine)

Eventually however we find out that Alyssa is not as innocent as she pretended to be. Not that this is either bad or good, it simply is what it is. She has however been with men in the past, something she did in fact lie about. This doesn’t sit well with Holden. It is also later revealed that part of why Banky disliked Alyssa so much is he himself has some pretty homosexual tendencies.

The movie itself is pretty well done and is good for plenty of laughs and thought-provoking at times and is worth a watch, the movie however should not be taken overly seriously. Like many Kevin Smith movies there is plenty of social commentary to be had but over all it is simply fun and childish at times. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



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