Some games I hate to love…


Hi, everyone. you must be wondering why you’re looking at a picture of toast right now? Well, friend, I hate that I love toast. It leaves crumbs everywhere, gets burned easy, and people automatically think you’re high when you randomly crave 5 pieces of toast and jelly at 2 in the morning. But, I don’t care, toast is awesome. I wanted to talk about some games I hate to love- fair warning, some of these games I’ve given ass reviews for but still played for one reason or another anyway. In no particular order let’s begin with the most recent on the list…

dead by daylight 1. Dead by Daylight –

This game is no masterpiece. It frankly kinda sucks alone and even with a buddy but my friends Speedy and Artemis proved that with a fair group, there’s some fun to be had at 1 in the morning.

dark souls 2 2. Dark souls 2…oh my –

The game pisses me off but I still jump in and play it. It got me through a shitty time in life and I’m grateful, but I swear this game makes me rage in ways no other Souls game has.

alienscm  3. Aliens: Colonial Marines –

This game is and will always be stinky ass cheese, but the first time I played it, I loved it. There were friends and booze and nostalgia. Subtract all this and you get a steaming pile of dookie.

borderlands ps 4. Borderlands: The Pre-sequel –

This maybe my favorite game on this list. It’s the worst of the series I admit and there is a lot of stuff in it that makes my teeth grind but the story kept me going, and I defend the story to this day.

I hope you enjoyed my list and my the gaming gods bring you glory.


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Writer of the strange and everything; lover of horror, literature, comics, and the alien is my spirit animal

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