The Last of Us

the last of us

This past E3 there has been a lot of news and controversy over The Last of us 2 as well as trailers and gameplay clips. I’m personally excited for 2, glad that time was taken to develop and put the amount of heart and effort the first game had in it.The first game has been regarded as one of the best PlayStation 3 games of all time, as well as a masterpiece of survival horror, but does it live up to the praise?

After one of the saddest openings in gaming, we join a broken, hardened guy named Joel who is almost alone after utter madness ensued after a fungal infection went rampant. Those infected are the clickers, not your typical zombies; the mold overtakes there face, rendering them blind but able to click for a sort of echolocation. On top of all the sick, people have ruthlessly banned together to scavenge and basically just lose there minds. Joel and his partner are given a job to do, escort a girl named Ellie across the country to a group that thinks her natural immunity to the fungal strain can be used to save the world. Joel’s partner perishes in a attempt to save the pair, leaving Joel and Ellie to make a perilous journey where the world truly feels against them and no choice is ever easy…

Much of what makes Last of Us great is the gripping, tragic, but beautiful story we play through. Joel and Ellie feel extremely real as does there relationship, which constantly twists and turns; I couldn’t think of a character I didn’t feel attached to by the end. The graphics are beautiful as are the voice performances and the gameplay is pretty damn good. Situations are tough, enemies aren’t easy and supplies are seriously limited but I can’t say nothing ever felt impossible, just challenging. The clickers I have to say creep the shit out of me. So what’s the downside? This maybe the slowest burning game I’ve ever played. The story never gets boring but there are some lengthy cut scenes, and in the beginning you find yourself wishing they just made a damn movie because the first chunk I felt I wasn’t playing a game as much as watching a interactive movie. And for my trophy hungry friends out there, sorry guys this game is stingy as hell with them. Last of Us deserves a lot of the hype and praise and I do think it’s one of last generations best games, but don’t expect a fast pace zombie game. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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