Skull and Bones

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Skull and Bones is one of those games that has been in the work awhile, in fact we saw it at E3 2017 as well as this year, and I heard about it before that. It has been pushed back at least once that I have written about. Ubisoft Skull and Bones Delayed

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing tho as they clearly want to learn from the mistakes of Sea of Thieves. So far Skull & Bones is shaping up nicely, as the game looks beautiful and seems to have a nice mix of needing to work together, but also giving you plenty reason to take the chance and turn on each other when needed. The real question here however is, will you be punished for doing it needlessly? One of my big issues with Sea of Thieves was that sometimes people just did stuff because they could and it was really a detriment to the game, and that was on top of there really being no content to the game. Either way, enjoy the trailer and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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