Elite Dangerous, day 1


So I started playing this morning for a bit, and quickly got sick of my starting Sidewinder. So I did a few boom missions for enough cash to buy an Eagle. Figured I’d upgrade it a bit and fo bounty hunting.


That’s a random planet I found while t traveling to find some action in my eagle, which about 4 seconds after i found it i’m running away back to a station so I wouldn’t die. (I didn’t)


That last one was just another planet i found, was pretty far away sadly. Eventually I worked my way up to a Cobra Mach 3 which in my xbox play was basically my standard ship. ┬áHoping to work my way up to an exploration ship and get some good pictures. Oh, and one last thing. That big blue star? Don’t go near them, they will blow you up pretty quickly. As always thanks for joining me, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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