The Void

The Void

The void (2016) staring Aaron Poole fits right into that nostalgia niche for people that love old 80’s low budget horror films. The main villains are basically a cult seemingly worshiping some strange creature. And by cult I mean non Christian KKK members, seriously look at these guys.

The Void klan

I can’t really tell you if  like this movie or not, we all know I love a good nostalgia trip,and old horror movies is one of my favorite trips to take. But this movie about a cop and some others trapped inside of  hospital before all hell breaks out has been done before many times and mostly its been done much better. visuals and sound are pretty well done for what it is, and I always enjoy seeing an unborn baby tear itself out of its mom and go on a killing spree and a disgusting monster before being set on fire. I wouldn’t classify the movie as bad or a waste of time, but there are far better movies out there with far better stories. I won’t say don’t watch it, but don’t go in expecting anything grand or special. Once again thanks for joining me, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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