Fortnite Update 1.51 is LIVE; Check Out The Notes, Brah! — All The PlayStation You’ll Ever Need.

The weekly Fortnite Update is live, bringing with it a multitude of chances across all versions of the game, including the removal of 30FPS mode plus a guided missile to wreck havoc on your enemy. Grab a snack, because these notes are loooooong: Guided Missile (Battle Royale) Take down forts with a more personal touch. […]

via Fortnite Update 1.51 is LIVE; Check Out The Notes, Brah! — All The PlayStation You’ll Ever Need.

Author: Savior699

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21 thoughts on “Fortnite Update 1.51 is LIVE; Check Out The Notes, Brah! — All The PlayStation You’ll Ever Need.”

  1. Do you play Fortnite on the Xbox or PC? I play on my Xbox (I can’t aim with a controller help) and when I try to play on my Mac, it is plagued with lag. I’m thinking of getting Fortnite again when I get a decent Windows computer.


      1. Bruh I have 1 kill, I can only use the sniper and be extra patient, any close combat and I’m done for.


      2. Squads is actually quite nice really, you’ve got 3 other teammates to form a team of 4. Teamwork required, lots of non voice communication (jumping aroud) and following each other around.


      3. Go for it, its one of the hottest games out there right now, no reason not to share your experiences with it.
        And i think i will definitely try squads out sometime.

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      4. Wish i knew, they just kind of showed up honestly. I have about 1300 Twitter followers so I am sure that helped but about half of them came after I started the blog anyway.

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      5. Best advice i got at the begining that seemed to work is try to post consistently and networking is important. Try to post at the same time and on the same days and (like we are now) talk to people. If people don’t know you blog exist they can’t read it. If you don’t have a Twitter for example you should consider getting one and using it consistently.


      6. Yeah. I always use my Twitter. Can’t really post consistently because I’m in school and that’s busy af


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