American Horror Story: Hotel

ahs 5

When I heard the theme for the 5th season of American Horror Story was going to be Hotel, I was kind of skeptic. Like many, you think of hotels and horror, you  automatically think of The Shining . Of course there’s tiny hints to it, but of the series I found this the most surprising.

The Hotel Cortez- old, beautiful, full of years and majestic charm and dark history . The founder, a suave killer whose actions influenced years of real life horror, ghosts of sad souls lurking the house ( not to mention a mattress) , and the current appetite of the seductive Countess that runs the hotel. As a family discovers, once you check in, there’s almost no checking out from the Hotel Cortez- and it’s bundled history…

Hotel, as I said, is full of surprise. First, I was skeptical of Lady Gaga heading g this season instead of series veteran Jessica Lange but damn I give her props for her portrayal of the Countess. Wes Bentley also turned areally good performance as a detective losing his mind trying to find his missing child. There’s twists I found d smart and one I found to be one my favorite of the series- I don’t want to spoil it. The performances and scenery are great. I’d definitely suggest it to newcomers as it flows well and the characters are cool. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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