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Susie Bannon is a young, aspiring ballerina just accepted to study abroad in a prestigious dance academy in Germany. The day she arrives is dark and stormy as she notices a young woman flee the academy; the next day she finds out the girl was murdered. Strange things at the school and others begin to die at which time Susie finds out the school has a dark history and sinister things maybe at play, but can she survive long enough to discover what?

Suspiria has a special place in my heart as my intro, as much as going for many others, to Dario Argento and Italian horror. Suspiria is one of the most beautiful movies I’ve ever seen visually; every scene looks like a painting in motion and the colors are striking to the eye, making it impossible to look away. The score by the Goblins is just as memorable as the visuals, a interesting blend of Disney fairytale music and obscure punk sounds. The story isn’t bad and is pretty damn suspenseful at times. I will say the movie isn’t very fast paced and feels a bit slow at times; if you want a kill a minute movie, this sure as hell ain’t for you. I can’t say it’s a movie I’d want to watch every day, but it’s incredible to watch those times where it hits the spot. In the end, while not for everyone, its a fantastic sight to see and learn from from. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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