Me and Injustice 2 so far…

injustice2 For the past few months I’ve found myself riding a hardcore DC kick, reading dozens of there comics, trying to duck into the break room at work to catch the latest episode of Flash or Arrow, and drooling over the utter epicness of Conroy as Batman and Hamill’s Joker in Batman the Animated Series. As far as fighting games go, I was a cool fan of the first Injustice game, neither loving nor hating it. The roster was fairly predictable but understandably so; the story was bleak but fitting given Superman’s descent into tyrannical madness after the death of Lois Lane at the hands of the Joker; and gameplay was fine- fun as hell for some characters but DAMN playing as others made your teeth grind, especially the bulky fighters. So what about the sequel? I’m happy to say Injustice 2 drastically improves on the gameplay and brings a much wider variety to the character roster. Combos are more fluid to the touch as well as the characters themselves. Fighters like Bane and Atricitous have there own kind of heavy grace, while Swamp Thing has a longer range to his attacks. Every character has there feeling of individuality which was one of my favorite aspects of the game. The scenery and character designs are stunning and the voice acting and sound is solid.  I’m sorry to say I haven’t actually been able to play the game’s story because I don’t own the game (special thanks to my friend Autobot who let me play this much at his house.) but the plot revolves around both dimensions coming under attack by Brainiac and having to come together. The games only flaw I’ve found so far is the new gear system. I haven’t used it personally but I saw glimpses of where it could go wrong with the premier skins that turn characters aesthetically into others without changing there move sets: like Captain Cold can be become Mr. Freeze, and the Flash can be Reverse-Flash. I saw micro transactions for some of the gear available and that bummed me out a lot…In the end, I highly recommend Injustice 2 to any Dc fan and I will post again after each dlc pack. So until next time, may the gaming gods be with you.

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