Final Fantasy 12 Review


I have a history with this game going all the way back to its original PS2 release. I remember buying Dragon Quest 8 just because it came with the demo, and actually ended up really liking DQ8. I can not say the same for Final Fantasy 12. While I enjoyed the more adult and political story to it but that was about the end of it. The characters all seemed boring I hated the gambit system even tho it was very easy to use and very well explained. The battle system also left much to be desired as most fights until mid game can many times be beaten if you simply don’t touch anything. I can’t comment on much after that, I got so bored i stopped playing around the mid point 3 separate times. My two biggest complaints tho were the fact that there was very little reason to customize characters outside of weapons and armor every one ended up with every ability and spell in the game. My other complaint was the maps were huge but empty and took forever to navigate.

I took a chance on the PS4 version because my two biggest complaints were addressed. The new job system would create some variety and the new speed button lets me zoom around much quicker, 2 or 4 times faster to be precise.  And both are successfully done, the job system absolutely gives some variety and traveling around is easier than ever. If you were a fan of the original release you should absolutely pick this iteration up. That being said, if like me you found it boring and uninteresting these updates both graphical and overall improvements offer nothing to really change that view point. As always thanks for reading and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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