Final Fantasy 15 Comrades


I bought Final Fantasy 15 the day it came out with the season pass. That day I asked myself, why? You hated 12. Seriously, you can read about it. Final Fantasy 12 Review I also hated the 13 series of games. You can’t read about that because it has been so long since I played it that I haven’t written a review. But, I did it, and I loved I loved Final Fantasy 15. I actually got the Platinum for it. Then the DLC came out and I didn’t touch it, not because I didn’t want to I just got side tracked.

My friend then started harassing me to play Comrades with him recently, so I gave it a shot. It starts out with your character pretty much suffering from some sort of amnesia and being told he is one of the Kingsglave. As one of the glaves left in the years between Noctis disappearing and coming back you must keep the power on and keep things running until he comes back.

The game is actually pretty fun, tho a bit grindy as you pretty much do hunting missions to get power to unlock new areas so you can do new missions to power new areas. It’s a typical MMO in that regard really when it comes down to it. It is however fun for what it is and I wish I tried it sooner and it is Best played with friends. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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