5 more games that were a huge bummer

bummer  So a couple days ago we heard from Savior the games that disappointed him, and well some more immediately came to mind. Some may not agree on one in particular, but I got my reasons and plus I heard it’s sequel was better. If anyone has anything we missed or a game that really pissed you off, please a comment below or hit up Savior_gaming @ twitter. Well, here we go with a counter point to Savior’s 5th game he covered on his list.

alienscm 1. Aliens Colonial Marines (aka worst self given birthday present ever aka five years of my hopes and dreams gone up in napalm flames aka alien penis drinking game number 2)- well the aliases for it say a lot but that doesn’t include the dip shit alien A.I., crappy story, terrible voice acting, a shitty inventory system, and one of the worst final boss fights ever. Piss on this game at your leisure, my friends.

re6  2. Resident Evil 6- so what happens when you can’t pick who the hell your game is for? 7 characters, 4 interconnected campaigns, 2 kinds of enemies and a shitty new character upgrade system. Characters like series legends Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield are reduced to discount Jack Bower and a drunken C.O.D reject; I don’t have any real idea what the plot is but there is a guy that turns into a zombie T-rex, a Godzilla sized dementor, and drug peddling cricket people…Yep.

arkham0 3. Batman: Arkham Origins – You had an amazing trailer and a awesome Joker-free premise. We got a moody Batman, Arkham City’s Christmas leftovers full of glitches, a annoying leveling system, and SPOILERS: all this is a way to retell how Batman and Joker first met and Bane first used his super-duper steroids. By the way, too much Nolan bro. Too much damn Nolan. It ain’t horrific but enough to bum you out and make you want to drink.

ac1 4. Assassin’s Creed- let’s pretend there was no 1, just 2 and on. So much bullshit. Water kills, near impossible perfect assassinations, god damn pain in the ass civilians always in the way, crappy fighting mechanics, and a main character that’s just there. The story is fair but you may need help getting through it without breaking your controller.

outlast 5. Outlast- I give them this, it looks nice. I get why I’m probably going to get hate mail but truth is I’ve had this game shoved down my throat for months after it released and wasn’t impressed. Whereas Alien: Isolation was a game where you needed luck and brains to survive the intelligent alien, Joes, and looters; most of Outlast’s threats can be outrunned. The camera’s battery dies ridiculously fast to where it becomes annoying. I admit, I haven’t finished it and I’m sure it’s fine but the first hour or two in didn’t make me a huge believer.

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