Wolfenstein 2:Nazi Trouble?

Wolfenstein 2 is set to release soon, but has run into some trouble. But to understand that trouble we do need to look at the series history a little.

Wolfenstein 3d released way back in 1992 and outside of Germany it saw very few problems. Germany to this day has very strict anti swastika/nazi policies to my understanding. The story was about an American named BJ attempting to escape Nazis and kill Hitler.

The series has changed since than, but has always involved Nazis. It now mostly involves an alternative timeline where Nazi Germany won WW2 and has taken over the world and you essentially are helping fight back. All good so far.

Recently a trailer released and there was a line as you can see in the picture above “NO MORE NAZIS”

Now some of you may not believe this or will think it was one or two people bored and trolling. And honestly if I hadn’t watched it unfold live on Twitter I probably wouldn’t believe this either. Many people were actually upset and viewed the story line of a 20+ year old game series as a political statement. Yes you read that correctly. I will say again just in case you think it was one of my many many typos or mistakes. Many people believe the story of a 20+ year old series is now a political statement.

I don’t like to be political but regardless when did saying hey Nazis are bad become a political standpoint instead of a default setting anyway? Hopefully this won’t harm what appears to be an amazing game, may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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