5 games people love, but I don’t

Let me start this by saying these series/games are some of the most popular in gaming. They are by most accounts great. I am not denying this. I just don’t like them. Some i just don’t enjoy some I simply don’t even understand. And here we go. Feel free to hate me in the comments.

The picture says World of Warcraft, but basically all MMO’s. I have played a few, WoW, Guild Wars, Neverwinter and a few others. I simply don’t get why people get so obsessed. They get boring and redundant quickly. And I play sim games.

Anything Metal Gear. I want to like these games. I beat 2. Played 3. 5 is free on PlayStation this month, I simply can’t do it. Worse yet I can’t explain why.

This one I won’t even try to say much about. In my retro review I said the original was more fun than I remember and I meant it. Here is that review https://saviorgaming.blog/2017/09/20/metroid-retro-review/

The series to me has never been good. I have played most of the series. I have never enjoyed it. The story, the game play, none of it.

Minecraft. The building game that took the world by storm. My daughter spent hundreds of hours playing it. Still plays it. Thanks to her I have played it tons. I hate this game. I don’t even understand it. You strip mine the world to build stuff for what purpose? I prefer 7 Days to Die.

This one may get me killed by some PlayStation fans. But I will say it. God of War is way over rated. Its a decent story with a button masher attached to it. That is it. Take away the threesum mini game and even the edginess is gone. I have never and will never understand it.

That’s it, my five games people love and I do not. Anything you guys would add? Let me know and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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6 thoughts on “5 games people love, but I don’t”

  1. MY GOSH!! I hear you. Other than Super Metroid for the SNES (I played that game with intensity); I couldn’t find myself liking any of these.

      1. I don’t have a game I do that with. I do however pull out my Nightmare on Elm Street Collection every October tho and binge watch it.

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