Fantastic 4 (1994)

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For years I’ve heard this movie was an unwatchable train wreck- the worst Fantastic 4 adaptation and one of the worst superhero movies of all time. At face value, it seems so but I can definitely say don’t judge a book by it’s cover here.

It begins with a college aged Reed Richards and and Victor Von Doom trying to capture energy from a space anomaly called Colossus. Reed and his best friend Ben Grimm live at Mrs. Storm’s Boarding House with her and her two children Sue and Johnny. The experiment backfires and even after Ben tries to save him, Victor seemingly dies. Ten years Reed has founding to go into space, and assembles a crew of his friends to take on the mission. They get hit with a cosmic power and crash unharmed but changed, hunted by a foe Reed knows too well.

Ok, this movie isn’t a gem but doesn’t nearly deserve the hate it gets. There’s a strong B Sci-fi movie element to it, but for much of the Fantastic 4 lore is B movie material. The group has better chemistry than the big screen renditions and importantly I have to say, this movie touches on there origin but actually has the 4 do real superhero stuff like Johnny saving New York from Doom’s laser. I actually got really pissed watching this because it blows my mind that a movie with a 100 times less the budget than three other iterations had more heart and did more justice to the 4 and got pissed on so bad. Overall, I recommend it if you like B movies or are a Fantastic 4 fan and it’s on Youtube for free. Best Wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory…Flame On!

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