Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

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Of the three cinematic iterations of Fantastic 4, only the 2005 film was successful enough to get a sequel two years later…and here we get one of the worst villain reveals of the last decade, but that’s for the end. And yeah, I’m going to spoil it.

So the Fantastic 4 are world famous celebrities and superheroes, and the world eagerly awaits the wedding of Reed Richards and Sue Storm. While everyone prepares, Reed is knee deep in research on a set of strange occurrences happened around the globe. Random points around the world experience drastic environmental shifts after a mysterious comet like object races past them. Meanwhile, in Latveria, a deformed and pissed off Dr. Doom searches the source out himself, finding a man like silver creature on what looks like a surf board. They have a altercation and Doom gets served by it’s energy blast, but miraculously the creature heals him. During the wedding, the creature appears. Johnny chases him but the surfer catches him and something weird happens to Johnny; if he touches another one of the group, he switches powers with them. When Reed and the military are at ends to capture the Silver Surfer, Doom comes into play. Sue makes contact with the surfer and she discovers he is but a herald for a much greater danger, his master Galactus…

I’m going to say Galactus kills this movie. One of the greatest foes in all of Marvel is reduced to a storm cloud- Shame on you. The cast does ok and the effects are pretty cool at times but overall it’s just as forgettable as the first, but I can’t say its terrible. Worth a crap bin hit or Netflix. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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