High School of the Dead

high school of the dead

I’m sure someone somewhere is rolling there eyes just at the title of this anime alone, because zombies are well…dead. Millions of these undead bastards have plagued our media for the past near 2 decades. There are gems but many suck and many just need to stop (I’m talking to you Walking Dead).

Basic premise of this anime: a random group of kids and the busty school nurse at a prestigious high school must band together to survive the zombie apocalypse. That is pretty much it. We never learn what caused the zombies, which I’m fine with, and we don’t even really know if the zombies were defeated at the end and the human race won, not just our heroes. I liked that too. Like many zombie films, there is a deeper meaning behind them and what I took away was the zombie apocalypse as a metaphor for the real world outside high school bleeding into the drama filled lives of these varied teens.

While not exceptional, it was a nice breath of fresh madness in a sub-genre played to death. It has fun characters you grow to care about and you do see them grow as the show continues. There is plenty of awesome kills and the animation is damn good. What stole my heart is the huge WTF factor at play, like a kid using his ex girlfriends boobs to stabilize his AK 47 during a firefight or the random moments you that make you laugh out WTF. I’m sure Savior had a blast reading my confused texts that night. My only real complaint is that I do wish there was more and that it does take a little bit to find it’s groove. I recommend this as a fun, crazy ass anime for horror fans and zombie fans. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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