Reboots and Remasters?


Are we finally hitting the point of too many reboots and remasters?  Recently it was announced that Animaniacs would be getting a season 2 on Hulu ( more info here ) And in the last few months we have gotten remasters of Final Fantasy 9 (PS4) a Star Ocean The Last Hope in HD and that is just off the top of my head and we aren’t even counting movies or games of the past few years. But when is this going to far? Believe it or not Peter Pan, The Grinch and even The Crow are supposedly getting reboots this year.

Now i’m not saying reboots or even remasters are bad, as you can see from my FF9 review I loved it, and when I get the time to finish up Star Ocean unless the 2nd half of the game falls apart that will be getting a pretty positive review as well. And I loved Star trek (reboot) but I would like to see some more original ideas tossed out there. Netflix has had some movies that while not perfect were pretty original for example The Babysitter (2017) or Little Evil

By the away sorry about all the links, I doubt anyone will actually read most of them. They are just kind of there in case you want a reference point. I am actually going to take an odd stance I have no seen many take. When it comes to movies, I am not a fan of the reboots coming so much, but in the games I love all these remasters. Many games are being lost to time and new generations simply don’t get to enjoy many of the classics. These remasters give a whole new class of gamers a chance to play them. That being said, remakes are not something I can get behind. As a huge Final Fantasy 7 fan I have very little faith the remake will be good for example. Anyways enough of my rambling, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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  1. Reboots and need for gender equality are getting out of hand. It is only a matter of time until they make a woman version of MLK or something.

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