Fable 4 Rumor, and what I would love to see

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Recently a rumor has popped up that Fable 4 isn’t just a fantasy, but a game that is actually in development that we will likely see at this years E3 event, some info on that here from onmsft . This however is just what I would love to see.

I remember many years ago as a young savior waiting for the original Fable, excitedly. That day came and I took a bus to my local Gamestop which at the time was the next town over, also required me to cross the highway on foot buy my game, cross back hike it about quarter mile back to the mall then wait for the bus to go home. It took half the day. Half the day I could have played my damn game. A game I loved.

Eventually Fable 2 came out, this time it was a quick drive to that same Gamestop, quick trip home and began playing what is to this day one of my favorite games I have played. The sheer amount of stuff to do was great as was the combat.

Finally the day of Fable 3, and yes that same Gamestop. This time however, I was not as happy with the game. The game wasn’t as fun, the whole being a king thing never even felt special and while the game wasn’t bad that magic just felt lost.

Fable 4 however, I am hoping for a darker gritter experience. When we last left Albion the world wasn’t what it once was, but I really want to see that in between time of Fable when the world changed so drastically.  The idea of playing a hero in the world as it goes to hell struggling to keep it together just appeals to me.  The combat system is good and changing that to much would probably be a catastrophe but being able to change magic on the fly faster would be nice as well as having more effect on your body when you use them. I remember being stingy with my magic in the original because I didn’t want to age in the original and always enjoyed that. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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