Archie Vs Predator

archie v pred

What happens when spring break for the Riverdale kids becomes a bloodbath and a certain dread-locked extraterrestrial with a bad attitude and a plasma castor comes to visit? This hilariously absurd comic crossover, that’s what. Archie and his friends go to a tropical island for break, enjoying there usual shenanigans until something catches Betty and Veronica cat fighting on the beach, and takes this as a act of conflict. An invitation amongst warriors. Teens begin going missing, being found dismembered all over the island, and Archie’s group barely survives. Relieved, they go back home, enjoying high school life and milkshakes- until the soda-jerk’s head randomly explodes in front of them from a unseen origin, just a quick burst of light. Now the hunt is on in Riverdale as Archie, Betty, Veronica and the rest of his friends must battle the badass Predator.

This is one of my favorite comic book reads. Funny, crazy, and just so WTF. There is 4 comic books or a graphic novel so it’s a quick read. I never read a Archie comic but I’m a fairly ample Predator fan and I can tell you they did him justice. I will watch Riverdale if they devote a season to this. I recommend it for a great laugh and some awesome Predator kills. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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