The Vault (2017)

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Sometimes you just need to rob a bank. Sometimes you don’t want to work, so you need to rob a bank. Other times you piss off the wrong people and owe a shit ton of money and they make you rob a bank. That is sort of what this movie is about.

The movie starts off with a job interview and an angry customer, and we quickly discover a few of the people in the bank happen to be robbers. What they weren’t counting on is back in the early 1980’s someone else robbed this same back, lost their mind and killed everyone in the back. Now this bank is haunted as hell, and these bank robbers are about to have a world of problems.

The idea sounds good, and it has its moments but honestly the movie is a lot of standing around and talking. The movie drags on quite a bit at times and admittedly I found myself wishing it would just end. Towards the end it does get better tho the ending is pretty predictable. I would’t recommend this one. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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