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Of all the things people said would come in the year 2000, something did change. Superhero movies stepped up there games ten fold. The first to begin the trend was X-Men.

In the debut film we are introduced to a world dealing with mutants, people with powers that normal people find dangerous. Mutants are often faced with hate and fear. Charles Xavier, a paraplegic telepath and founder of Xavier’s School for the Gifted believes man and mutant can peacefully co exist. Magneto, Charles’s old friend and holocaust survivor, believes they never will and mutants must assert there dominance over man. The two leader’s paths cross over a mysterious badass mutant named Wolverine and a young, dangerous women named Rogue and a plot by Magneto to kill the world’s leaders…

Almost two decades old, I’m glad the movie still holds up well. There are some damn great performances in it: Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellan as Prof. X and Magneto, as well as Hugh Jackman’s iconic performance as Wolverine. There is a cool list of supporting characters and a good balance between action and drama. I do really recommend this film as a tried and true of the genre. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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