5 wasted X men movie appearences


So if  you saw my X- Men reviews, you can tell I got love for the series but the movies do have a habit of throwing awesome characters into the movies but not doing shit with them. So I just want to give some wasted cameos some justice and give some love to my favorites that could’ve been awesome. In no particular order, let’s start with…

gambit 1. Gambit- there is some potential in the quick cameo of X Men Origins: Wolverine but this Cajun mutant deserves more. More charm, more fights, and more maverick badass-ness.

juggernaunt 2. Juggernaut- such a hugely important X men villain we only got as a background character in X Men: The Last Stand , though he is Professor X’s half brother and he has mystical ties to his powers. I would have loved to see the classic X men in the prequels fight a giant, unstoppable behemoth to kick there asses.

psylocke 3. Psylocke- a sexy British mutant with mad fighting skills, telepathic abilities and the ability to energize her fists into energy blades. And well, we got Olivia Munn in skin tight purple latex in X-Men: Apocalypse without much of the character or freaking much to do at all. Hopefully in the future Psylocke will get more love, until then…sigh.

bishop 4. Bishop- ok, I admit he did have some sweet moments in X-Men: Days of Future Past but not much real character. He was just another face in the crowd for such a badass future X Men.

deathstrike 5. Lady Deathstrike- besides lack of character in X2: X men United she also lacked her trademark claws. Unlike the long fingernails she had, the real Deathstrike had monstrous deformed claws and could wreck Wolverine pretty quickly. The worst crime done to her was her epic and sad history with Wolverine getting completely cut.

May the gods bring you glory, and I hope you enjoyed.

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