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Yesterday I did the top 5 games not named Final Fantasy, so today its top 5 Final Fantasy games. These are also in an order for once but because hey why not.



Number five happens to be Final Fantasy 5, the game is terribly underrated game. The job system was great, the cast of characters were fun and varied including a female pirate pretending to be a man. and the quest to save the crystals from Exdeath was fantastic.



Final Fantasy 10 seems a bit low on the list, and hey i’m sure some of the higher ones will come across as nostalgia but I will explain my logic later. FF10 was actually fairly linear but it worked out, a big part of why is it went with the story of the summoner being on a pilgrimage. They did a great job at making you feel like you had to be in a hurry without actually rushing you around. The game may not be perfect, but damn if it didn’t come close for its time.



Final Fantasy 7 may actually be the most influential title in the series. Before that the series and JRPG’s in general were kind of a niche hidden secret of the gaming world in the west. Actually many people in Japan thought the western world was to stupid to even play them properly at one point. Then this game showed up and exploded and opened up a whole world to people. The game graphically hasn’t held up great, but the materia system is top noth, and to this day is still one of the best systems in a game and the story is fun. Tho, as you can tell I don’t believe it is the best in the series.



Final Fantasy 9, what many believe is truly the best Final Fantasy game. In fact most of the time I hear people arguing between 7 and 9, and while 7 is great and far more influential 9 is just the better game to me. The story is better, most of the characters are better. The only real flaws is the materia system was better and the final boss of 9 made no damn sense at all, he just kind of showed up. But I am sure many of you are wondering, if 7 is number three and 9 is number two, how the hell do I choose number 8 as number one? Well I didn’t. In fact the best Final Fantasy doesn’t have a number.



Yes, Final Fantasy Tactics, the War of the Lions is to me the best of the Final Fantasy games, and easily the best Tactical RPG ever made. With dozens of classes and monsters to choose from with plenty of characters and an amazing story about the tragedy of war, betrayal and the secrets of history. It is actually a great tragedy the game never got a true sequel, tho there are some theories that Final Fantasy Tactics and FF12 are connected as well as Vagrant story, tho its not really the same thing. All in all however Final Fantasy Tactics is one of those games I would love to see remastered again for the PS4. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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