Matrix: Path of Neo

path of neo

While Enter The Matrix was an original story, Path of Neo we get a loose recap of the Matrix trilogy. There is of course similar themes but this time we get to experience the powers of the One. You can stop bullets, use Neo’s famous moves, and you can fly at points during certain fights. When the game sticks to the movies, it does pretty good, though you don’t get anything but the final fight between Neo and Smith at the end of Revolutions for the finale. A lot of the filler is pretty entertaining too, like many of the tutorials are themed after martial arts flicks or a Yakuza shootout but some of the middle filler can be kind of irritating. Many know of how the finale changes, instead Neo sacrificing himself for all man, Smith pulls billions of his clones together with pieces of the Matrix to make a humongous Smith…that was something. The biggest flaw are the unskippable cinematic cutscenes; before the final fight, you’ll be waiting nearly ten minutes. In the end, it’s a fun game just not perfect either. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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