Is there a best Star Trek Series?


After doing all the Star Trek movies a long time ago, I considered reviewing all the t.v. series, which hey I suppose if you guys want I can still work on. But the real question is, is there a universally best?  My father for example would swear up and down the original series was the way to go. Don’t worry, i’m not here to bash any of them. I loved them all, except the new discovery which I haven’t seen because I refuse to subscribe to another service and I hate the idea of  simply stealing it.

The original series is just that, the original. It was a bit rough at times. Plenty of over acting the special effects were primitive, but for its time it was pretty damn original. The next generation however has everything the original did, but did it better and by many is considered the best of the t.v. shows.

Deep Space Nine however took us off the enterprise and on to the space station of, you guessed it, Deep Space Nine This one actually took a different approach where the story was less from episode to episode and had a more traditional approach with an over all story. DS9 also took place at the same time as TNG, in fact many of the characters make cameos in both shows and O’Brien and worf actually become permanent parts of DS9.

Next we have Voyager which honestly was pretty much Lost in Space. Do to some jack ass species of alien the ship gets ripped to the opposite side of the galaxy and they journey home. While doing this they will run into new species, some hostile some friendly, and discover new things about the Borg.

Last but not least we have Enterprise. This show is about the early days of Earth exploration, before the Federation even existed. This show was quite interesting but for many reasons never seemed to take off.

But was there an objectively best? I don’t think so. I truly think it comes down to the old fashioned age argument. Older people love the original because they saw it first and it was new. Others in between saw it in reruns but fell in love with TNG, others may love the over all stories of DS9 and Voyager. But at the end of the day it comes down to people loving the world itself. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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