5 epic X-Men villains

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Whether you were a 90’s kid and grew up with X-Men the animated series or were like me and grew up in love with the first X- Men movie. So today, let’s cover the badasses that dare to bring trouble to Xavier’s School beginning with a character I loved, got butchered in X Men: The Last Stand but thankfully got the treatment he deserved in Deadpool 2 …

juggernaunt 1. The Juggernaut-

He’s big, mean, and literally unstoppable in almost every way possible. Kane Marko is the angry step brother of Professor X, having his latent mutant ability unlocked from a mystical artifact, as his name suggests he became a powerhouse. Foes like Wolverine, Colossus, and even the Hulk have a hard time stopping him, his only weakness is his mind which is protected by the large dome shaped helmet he wears. Good luck getting it off cuz he’s the Juggernaut bitch.

sentinels 2. Trask and the Sentinels-

X-Men: Days of Future Past covered Trask pretty well and how much damage a human man could do to a world full of super powered mutants. Bolivar Trask designed and created the Sentinels, machines specifically created to at first handle mutant threats and would eventually run amok, running to a future where both humans and mutants are near extinct. Isn’t it swell how one man can make a difference?

phoenix 3. The Dark Phoenix-

Here we begin hitting the truly devastating entities of not only the X-Men universe but the whole Marvel universe. The Phoenix force is a wandering cosmic entity that came across the seemingly deceased Jean Grey, one of the original X Men who gave there lives trying to save the world. As the Phoenix, her power is multiplied nearly a thousand fold. In fact, she has destroyed planetary systems with relative ease. What makes her a great villain is the emotional toll she takes on her friends, loved ones, and the amount of sheer destruction she causes. Beware the Phoenix.

apocalypse 4. Apocalypse-

You know the saying “survival of the fittest”? Apocalypse is one of the first mutants in recorded history, a figure so powerful he was seen as a god in his native ancient Egypt; thousands of years later he’s pissed at the state of mutant kind and yearns to enslave man and lesser mutants to serve him and those he deems fit. The ones he finds most exceptional, he makes his Horsemen, donating some of his enormous power to radically increasing there’s. Apocalypse has super strength, speed, durability, telepathy, telekinesis, energy projection, shape shifting abilities, and is extremely intelligent with thousands of years of knowledge under his belt.

magneto and the brotherhood of mutants

5. Magneto and the Brotherhood of Mutants-

Of course I have to talk about Magneto if you talk about X-Men. After surviving the Holocaust, Erik Lensherr ( we’re using his movie name, I’ve never been a huge fan of his comic name) realized history would one day repeat itself  so he made what are essentially the anti X-Men, bent on mutant superiority. With an army of some the most nefarious mutants he could gather including the likes of Mystique, Sabretooth, Pyro, Blob, and Toad just to name a few. Magneto has the ability to control metal and magnetic waves, which let’s face it, in our modern world means we’re pretty screwed. Even Wolverine with his adamantium skeleton and claws is rendered useless and the helmet Magneto wears protects him from telepathic intervention from Xavier. Time and time again, whether as there arch enemy or unlikely allie,  Magneto and the Brotherhood is a force to be reckoned with…

I hope you enjoyed my list and not to be forgotten is a shout out to Mr Sinister, the Morlocks, Onslaught, The Hellfire Club, and Vulcan who are badasses but I just couldn’t fit them here. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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  1. I still think it was amazing when Juggernaut appeared in that one recently made film.

    Magneto is certainly one of the more memorable villains from the Marvel universe. I think the complex motivation and backstory help.

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