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I end my list of X- Men reviews with arguably the best film to come out of the series. The little r-rated superhero movie that could.

Wade Wilson was a normal guy that did some questionable shit for money and had some military background skills. He met a messed up chick named Vanessa and Wade and Vanessa feel in love. practically soul mates. Well, Wade gets inoperable cancer. Life Sucks. But as he hangs out in despair at his favorite bar, a shady looking dude offers him a possible cure if he comes with him. Not wanting to have Vanessa watch him suffer, he says screw it and goes with the guy. Under director Ajax aka Francis, Wade is tortured in an attempt to make him develop a mutation, which he does. Wade regenerates. But the problem is the cancer mutated and disfigured him. After fighting Ajax, Wade takes up the mantle of Deadpool and sets off on his quest for revenge, while getting lectured by some X Men along the way…

Wow. Just freaking wow. Ryan Reynolds has gotten gotten the short end of the stick when it came to superhero movies in the past, including his first run as Wilson in X Men Origins: Wolverine as well as Hal Jordan in Green Lantern , which he makes a joke at in this movie. This time, he gets to fully immerse himself in the character and he is Deadpool to a T. The supporting cast is great as well. Besides being a hilarious comedy, it is balanced with some awesome action scenes and there is surprisingly a lot of heart. I absolutely recommend this to fans and even people who aren’t into the genre. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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